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July 17, 2015 8 Features, Tops

With hundreds of free-to-play MMOs to choose from, all of them asking for your time and money, it’s often very difficult to pick the right one. Since this genre usually demands weeks, sometimes even months or years of constant attention,… Read More »

July 6, 2015 1 Features, Tops

You asked for it, and we’re happy to oblige – here’s volume 2 of our Fan Service series (you can watch Volume 1 here, with games such as Blade & Soul, Soul Worker, Black Desert Online and Peria Chronicles) with… Read More »

June 26, 2015 1 Features, Tops

As you surely know by now, it’s not just the quality of a game that sells; sometimes it’s the eye candy, the risqué material that gets the game out there and makes it more popular than it sometimes deserves to… Read More »

June 17, 2015 3 Features, Tops

We’re reaching the half of 2015 and things are already looking much better than the dreadful 2014, with new games coming fast, and the end of the year promises to be a great time. While some of the heavyweights will… Read More »

May 29, 2015 15 Features, Tops

There are some names that, alone, are more than enough to turn a game into an undisputed success. Halo, for example, is synonymous with huge sales and a community that would jump at the first chance to play an MMORPG… Read More »

April 11, 2015 2 Features, Tops

Don’t you just hate it when there’s this new game announcement that is the stuff your dreams are made of, you’re already counting the days for the game to launch and then you actually read the entire news… And BAAM!… Read More »

March 22, 2015 6 Features, Tops

Not many games are capable of drawing the attention of millions of players, but some of them just seem to do it like it’s nobody’s business. The following games are either extremely successful, with dozens, sometimes hundreds of millions of… Read More »

March 13, 2015 3 Features, Tops

Third and last part of our top upcoming games, where we delve into more niche MMO genres such as racing and strategy, but always checking only the most promising games. We also take some time to look at other great… Read More »

March 13, 2015 0 Features, Tops

This is the second part of our top upcoming games for 2015 and 2016, where we cover shooters and action games, including Unreal Tournament, Ghost in the Shell Online, Gigantic, Fortnite and more awesome games that you definitely have to… Read More »

March 13, 2015 18 Features, Tops

Brace yourselves; this one is going to be big. We’re going to pick the MMO games that you should keep an eye out for during 2015 and 2016, and while we’re probably leaving a few behind because we’re still unsure… Read More »