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July 27, 2014 2 Features, Tops

It’s not very common to stumble across a good fighting game when we’re talking about free-to-play. Besides a few PvP arena games, there’s nothing even remotely comparable to Tekken or SoulCalibur. Well, there’s SoulCalibur Lost Swords, but that is far… Read More »

July 18, 2014 2 Features, Tops

Even though we’re going through a seemingly endless MOBA overload, competition isn’t limited to this genre – we just love our third-person action games and even more shooting the hell out of our human enemies. You won’t see any first-person… Read More »

July 16, 2014 0 Features, Tops

Welcome to The Station. Now let’s take a look at some of the best designs in the MOBA market period, and the top ten god designs in Hi-Rez’s SMITE. This is purely cosmetic and aesthetic based, so don’t forget to… Read More »

July 1, 2014 1 Features, Tops

Every time we make a top 10, we get complaints about how most of the highly anticipated games are Asian. Yeah, we like the idea of moving to South Korea or never playing games such as Peria Chronicles or Black… Read More »

June 24, 2014 2 Features, Tops

MapleStory 2 is getting a lot of attention not only because it’s the sequel to one of the first major free-to-play MMORPGs but also because it is one of those sequels that have a lot at stake. It’s not far… Read More »

May 22, 2014 0 Features, Tops

Some players just love to put their top graphics card to great use and while we don’t think that visuals are enough to make a good game, they definitely help with the appeal. That’s why with this top we’re assembling… Read More »

May 8, 2014 6 Features, Tops

Guess what! It’s that time of the year, the time when we update the list of our favorite upcoming anime games. Some of them are already playable in their countries of origin – which mostly translates to Korea – while… Read More »

April 12, 2014 0 Features, Tops

Alright, so a while ago we did a Top 10 Sexy/Adult MMO Games but bear with us, this one is kind of different. Sort of. Different as in there’s no real nudity involved in these games, unless you work your… Read More »

March 28, 2014 3 Features, Tops

Action combat is the thing, that one feature that most players are looking for in MMORPGs right now and one that is still quite tricky to find. A few games managed to stand out and while some of them, like… Read More »

March 24, 2014 0 Features, Tops

If you’re a player just like us, then you like to try something new every once in a while. You’re probably tired of all the clones that exist in the videogaming landscape, from generic MMORPGs with so-called cute anime graphics… Read More »