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April 12, 2014 0 Features, Tops

Alright, so a while ago we did a Top 10 Sexy/Adult MMO Games but bear with us, this one is kind of different. Sort of. Different as in there’s no real nudity involved in these games, unless you work your… Read More »

March 28, 2014 1 Features, Tops

Action combat is the thing, that one feature that most players are looking for in MMORPGs right now and one that is still quite tricky to find. A few games managed to stand out and while some of them, like… Read More »

March 24, 2014 0 Features, Tops

If you’re a player just like us, then you like to try something new every once in a while. You’re probably tired of all the clones that exist in the videogaming landscape, from generic MMORPGs with so-called cute anime graphics… Read More »

March 13, 2014 0 Features, Tops

We’re a couple of months into 2014 and while we wait for the big names like EverQuest Next and Black Desert to come by – something that can still take a while –, we have to keep ourselves busy until… Read More »

March 11, 2014 0 Features, Tops

Let’s talk about MOBAs. Yeah, we know, “What the hell, more MOBAs?”. But these aren’t the MOBA games we all know about already – these are the upcoming MOBA games, those that are still very much under the radar at… Read More »

January 22, 2014 6 Features, Tops

We’re here to talk to you about some of the best MMOs out there right now, specifically action combat MMORPGs. While these are all very good for many different reasons, the PvP in each game is either a main focus… Read More »

January 14, 2014 0 Features, Tops

Above and beyond, we love games. With all the excitement surrounding the new PS4 and Xbox One consoles and the eternal PC surprises, there are a few great upcoming MMO games which aren’t going to be free-to-play. So we decided… Read More »

December 27, 2013 4 Features, Tops

In MMO games, when everything else fails, run for the free to play model! That is clearly the mindset of many studios, always trying to become the next World of Warcraft, enjoying some alluring success for the first 6 months… Read More »

November 28, 2013 0 Features, Tops

It’s time to face the truth: your computer sucks! It also blows! So while others are counting the days to enjoy Everquest Next and Black Desert, you’re stuck playing Minesweeper and hoping your computer won’t overheat. But don’t worry; we’re… Read More »

November 13, 2013 0 Features, Tops

While some games are right around the corner and we know almost everything about them even before launch, in other games the developers like to keep their cards really close to the chest. We have heard about these potentially amazing… Read More »