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February 10, 2017 0 Cosplay, News

The Spiral Cats have revealed a photoshoot from the popular MMORPG TERA, this time with the Castanic Priest as the focus of Doremi’s work. This isn’t a new shoot – the Tasha and Doremi duo have been busy with SoulWorker… Read More »

By freemmostation, February 10, 2017 1

Fairy Tale Busters aka Marchen Busters is a free online third-person shooter with a female-only character roster and an anime style. Currently it’s only available in Japan in its open beta and includes both PvP and PvE modes. Watcha Playin’?… Read More »

February 10, 2017 82 Giveaways

FreeMMOStation.com is teaming up with Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios to give 5 lucky winners a Tier 6 Elachi Ornash Battlecruiser for the MMORPG Star Trek Online, to celebrate the launch of Star Trek Online: Season 12 – Reckoning…. Read More »

February 10, 2017 7 News

It’s been ages since we heard anything about the western versions of Kingdom Under Fire 2 – in fact, the last time was in June 2016, when it was said that the North American and European releases would happen after… Read More »

By freemmostation, February 9, 2017 1

Spellgear is an RPG and MOBA mix with non-target combat, an open world and while you begin by picking a class, there’s the option to trade weapons with other players even in the heat of the battle. Watcha Playin’? is… Read More »

February 9, 2017 2 News

Revelation Online‘s third closed beta is now over and My.com has just closed the Bug Tracker and getting to work on the issues reported by players. In conjunction with developer Netease, the studios are now planning the next phase of… Read More »

February 8, 2017 0 News

The new patch for Paladins: Champions of the Realm just went live today and as we told you before, it adds the new champion Maeve, of Blades. Maeve’s weapons of choice are a pair of throwing daggers, and she’s a… Read More »

February 8, 2017 3 News

Wings of the Raven, the latest update for NCsoft’s fantasy martial arts MMORPG Blade & Soul is now live. This update brings two new 24-member dungeons (Dawn of Khanda Vihar and Skybreak Spire), a new Legendary upgrade path, streamlined Evolution… Read More »

February 8, 2017 0 News

Square Enix is celebrating the impressive milestone of 10 million registered players globally on its Mobius Final Fantasy game, with the global version having launched a couple of days ago on Steam. This version includes support for English, German and… Read More »

February 7, 2017 4 News

There’s a new game out there for all you tactical role-playing fans who can’t get enough of Duelyst and are counting the days for the open beta of SMITE Tactics. Labyrinth is the name and while it has entered early… Read More »