Business Tycoon Online

PUBLISHER: Lekool, Dovogame | DEVELOPER: Dovog. | GENRE: Strategy
THEME: Real Life | PLATFORM: Browser | STATUS: Final

Who never had the dream to create his own business? From restaurants to stores, becoming a tycoon is one of the most common ambitions nowadays. With Business Tycoon Online you may get a first taste of what the life of an entrepreneur is like, and it’s not a very easy career to take…

With thousands of players in the game already fighting for the most clients, it’s no easy task to become successful, since Business Tycoon Online requires a lot of attention and focus. This is a free browser-based strategy MMO game, requiring no download or install, but on the other hand this is a text-heavy game, with not a lot to please the eye besides a few drawings to go along with the statistics. Business Tycoon Online unfolds in real time, thus requiring frequent attention so that no important negotiations are lost. It’s necessary to deal with a lot of information simultaneously, and your cute secretary won’t do your job for you. Deal with stockholders, buy a terrain where to implement your business, hire employees and do some shady bureaucratic work.

Those who don’t appreciate this kind of browser game won’t enjoy Business Tycoon Online or others such as Caesary, Warflow or eRepublik. Technically it’s all somewhat dull and the game relies only on the management aspect to appeal to players. And that’s something sufficient to thousands of players, at least.

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