PUBLISHER: FlowPlay | DEVELOPER: FlowPlay | GENRE: Social
THEME: Cartoon | PLATFORM: Browser | STATUS: Final

OurWorld is a virtual world browser-based MMO where the user is expected to hang out, play, meet new friends and spend some time without the strain and pressure of other mostly competitive free-to-play MMO games. In a way it can be seen as a much simplified and teen friendly version of Second Life or IMVU.

OurWorld offers a lot for our character to see and do. The player has to interact with many NPCs to enter missions and improve the avatar’s experience level, therefore accessing some items that are locked to others. Players may dance and play some mini-games, earning some prizes and virtual currency along the way – this may be used to purchase more stylish accessories such as shoes, clothes and new haircuts.

Although OurWorld doesn’t bring anything new or groundbreaking to the table, it’s a decent place to hang out for a while, making new friends and playing some simple but entertaining mini-games. And those who are looking for virtual world/social MMO games such as these shouldn’t expect much more.

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