Ultimate Ninja

THEME: Anime | PLATFORM: Browser | STATUS: Open Beta

Ultimate Ninja is a free MMORPG based on the highly popular Naruto manga series and featuring the appealing Japanese anime style. Players will step into the shows of some of the most famous characters from the Naruto series and embark on a journey that includes storylines deeply rooted in the series canon, with plenty of dialogue to keep players engaged.

Players select a ninja and enter a colorful world with plenty of quests and combat. You begin by selecting a ninja from one of the three schools: Secret Jutsu, Ninjutsu, and Taijutsu. Secret Jutsu ninjas have the advantage of owning an immortal body; Ninjutsu ninja's have a strong and unique understanding of all forms of ninjutsu; and Taijutsu ninja's are extremely proficient at hand-to-hand combat.

However, just like in other browser-based MMO games such as Pockie Pirates or Pockie Ninja, the player has little to no influence in combat – he’s limited to watch the battle unfold with no influence in the outcome. The only thing the player is able to do is using formations, selecting the battle formation for the ninjas and increasing the odds of having a successful team. You can have 10 ninjas with you but only 5 during battle.

Automatic combat turns Ultimate Ninja in a less exciting game than it could have been. Were the player given the opportunity to select between a couple of attacks and magic, or even choosing which opponent to attack – instead of the apparently random or computer selected movement –, Ultimate Ninja would offer a strategic gameplay that was bound to please fans of the series and gamers alike. The visual effects are mostly nice so it’s a shame that Ultimate Naruto is just too similar to other games to truly shine. There’s still a lot here for the die-hard fans, but don’t expect anything too original or addictive.

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