Black Desert Online: Shai – Kawaii Support Class

Black Desert Online Shai class

I wish my life was half as fun and laid back as Shai’s clearly is. Shai is the new Black Desert Online character and she is a bubbly girl and a master of the arts of support and life skills. If you want to get Black Desert Online for free, click the link in the video description – there is an ongoing event where you get to keep the game forever if you reach level 50 and log in for at least seven days. The event ends on July 10, so hurry up.

Shai is the 18th playable class coming to what is one of the best MMORPGs out there, and undoubtedly the most gorgeous game of its genre, especially after the Black Deserted Remastered edition that improved the already great graphics.

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But let’s be honest here – I don’t know how Pearl Abyss managed to postpone the creation of this class for so long. Shai is clearly the loli class that many other MMORPGs don’t hesitate to release as soon as they can – she is small, cute, kawaii and decidedly better at fighting than one would assume by looking at her. It’s the kind of character that has many fans, especially considering that she usually comes with support abilities that greatly benefit her allies.

Shai’s weapon of choice is a boomerang… I mean, a florang, because everything about her seems to spell happiness and flowers. This giant boomerang is used in a versatile way, providing fighting techniques for close and medium range, but you can also bash your enemies in the head with it or give them the good old kick. Each skill that you learn adds another extra possibility to combat, but Shai shouldn’t be used as a tank in PvP, as her damage is significantly reduced. Needless to say, Black Desert remains as the MMORPG reference when it comes to action combat.

Shai is more suited as a support, healing her allies with the magical light that she carries. Called Vitclari, this light is going to shake up the fighting strategies that were used until now, especially in PvP.

Black Desert Online Shai Class

If you watched Shai’s announcement trailer, you surely saw her relaxed stance as she traveled on her donkey. That is in fact a skill called Just Chillin' and one of her traits, as you can get her to ride reversed on the saddle or even completely lying down on her back – it’s the kind of cool feature that may seem unnecessary but goes a long way to show the care that is placed into each class and their personalities.

Shai seems to be a fan of donkeys, as this update brings three new rides: Derome, Cherose, and Vallet. It’s not by accident either; these donkeys acquire some skills as they level up that are exclusive to Shai, such as galloping at a fast pace, a dash forward and a hind kick.

Shai comes with a special event where you can choose three paths. You can focus on combat, adventure or life skills according to the NPC that you talk to. Choose wisely, because you can only accept one event quest.

I have the utmost respect for Black Desert Online. Far from being a barebones cash-grab MMORPG, it offers an incredibly vast and beautiful world – I wish all games looked as pretty as this one. But it also has so much content, starting with the many classes with very distinct designs. Shai is just another sparkling layer in an impressive cake that you can get for free, as I’ve mentioned before – click the link, sign up, download and reach level 50 with any character. Sounds like a great deal for one of the best MMORPGs ever made.

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