Caesary exclusive interview

Caesary is a new browser MMO that is getting quite a bit of attention. The Roman civilization setting is far from the usual fantasy themed strategy games of the kind, and players are being drawn to its features. Free MMO Station spoke with Thomas Watson, the Viral Marketing Manager at Lekool, co-publisher of Caesary.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Thomas Watson. I'm the Viral Marketing Manager here at Lekool.

How do you define the browser game Caesary?

Caesary is a MMORTS based on roman theme, the game play is from the period that immediately precedes the Civil War periods in Rome, where you create a city, get contracts, manage your workers, train your army and recruit heroes to conquer land and achieve glory, similar to Evony, but better. Caesary is a browser based game, which means no download is required. The game play is addicting and its fun. The graphics are awesome and the game play has plenty to keep the players occupied for long hours of game play.

What makes this game different from others, in your opinion?

There are many Roman Empire-based games out there that you can play on a PC. Lekool allows you to play these types of games on a browser with other players online. We have many active users in our community so it is always fun. As many of our own users would say, our community is very active and helpful amongst each other and our staff does its best to blend in with that so we are all one big community.

The following features make Caesary more unique than any other game:

1. Battle Replay: players can replay the game battle using simulator with flash-based battle animation and the detailed battle report.
2. Caesary allows you to step in other players’ battle.
3. Six types of Hero with 255 levels. Legendary Heroes appear randomly for you to recruit and command.
4. iPod-Touch-like Smooth Interface. Browse World map with mouse drag as if you’re scrolling your iPod screen. Transfer and exchange troops by drag-and-drop! No more boring scroll down menu!
5. Personalized Identity. Player (lord) avatar is freely changeable with dozens of images to choose from.
6. Unprecedented Colonization System. Caesary brings forth the ingenious concept of Sovereign-Tributary relationship! A winner enjoys the sovereignty advancing rank; tributary cities contribute only minimal amount of tributes while growing its power.

Can you tell us more about the battle replay and detailed battle report features?

Absolutely! This happens to be one of my favorite features in the game. When you are out marauding or raiding an area outside your civilization, whether it be another civilization you are trying to take control over or a wilderness area you want to raid resources from, the battle replay and battle report will tell you what is going in. The system provides you with details on what your troops are fighting, how many of your troops are dying, and what resources your troops have gained. The same goes for the enemy. So every time your troops go back and forth in fighting an enemy, the report will tell you who is dying and what is being lost and gained. It will also provide you with details on how long it will take your troops to go to a place and fight and how long it will take for troops to come back to your civilization and recover.

You can simulate the grandeur of past combat in graphical animation and the detailed statistics of the fight in text log. It pleasures your eyes as well as educates your mind. Traditional strategic battles involve just you and your opponents. Now, Caesary allows you to join other players’ battle in the middle or have someone else’s join your own battle. Any time! (In theory, the entire server’s players can jump in one battle in progress!)

Would you say that Caesary is a game to attract the fans of the Total War and Age of Empires series?

No, Caesary is totally different game and has a totally different game play and features than the games mentioned here. To compare Caesary to them would be to compare Horse to Mule.

How is the community reacting to Caesary? Are you pleased with the way the player base is growing?

The reception is quite amazing, the game is doing really well with a really active community. Players who have tried the game have already fallen on love with it. In a very short time actually we had to get a new server just to manage the incoming traffic within days to first server launch.

We've done our best to insure that players are able to connect to the game's servers and play easily and our players have commended us on how awesome our game is. I am impressed by how well Caesary has done and our staff is committed to insuring top-quality service to our players. I hope more players come and play. We always love meeting new players!

How do you plan to expand on Caesary? Any plans for the near future?

We are hoping to partner up with gaming companies in the near future to promote events. As the game improves and new features are put in, we will launch new events and give out new rewards. It's always great to launch new events because we want to have the community involved in the growth of the game as much as possible. We plan to implement some suggestions to improve the gameplay and add more content in near future.

Would you like to say something else to our readers?

Well, I would just like to say that if you are a person who loves playing Roman Civilization MMORTS-based games, you are in for a real treat! We invite you to come play our game and meet our players. Our staff is always online to chat with players on a daily basis. You can visit our forums at

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