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Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

Today we’re going full-on hand-drawn with Devil Book, the new MMORPG for Android and iOS created by the makers of the game Hero Cantare. They are sponsoring us to introduce this game to every fan of the genre, so let’s get this cartoon party started. You can download Devil Book using the link in the video description, so give it a click if you like what you’re seeing right now. The official global launch is live, with many regions added just a few days after release, so you should be able to play it wherever you are. Let's start with our Devil Book gameplay impressions.

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Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

When I first laid my eyes on Devil Book, I just loved the art style and the colors of it all. The reveal trailer brought with it more questions than answers, but after playing for a few days, all my doubts were dispelled. This is an MMORPG with all the mechanics that you would expect, even including a guild house, but with cuteness overload to round up the package. There’s a much welcome element of hero collector RPG, as you pull for heroes of different rarities and skills. Their seemingly tiny sprites are cheerful and chockful of personality, and it’s so cool to watch the village bursting with players and all kinds of highly detailed hand-drawn idle animations. In case you don’t know, you can zoom to better appreciate the details – I thought I’d leave this out there, because it’s not immediately evident that you can do this.

So, according to the official blurb, there are 30 heroes to summon, and I can only imagine the amount of work that went into creating the movements and skill animations for each one of them… plus the enemies and the charming environments. My hat’s off to them, although I don’t wear one and they wouldn’t be able to see me doing it anyway.

Devil Book is kind of generous in its gacha aspect, at least from the perspective of a new player. After you complete the tutorial, you are allowed unlimited rerolls in order to get the heroes that you prefer. Well, since every beginner is most likely oblivious to the each hero’s specific skills and strengths, it will boil down to hero rank. Oh, and looks, because there are some cute cartoon waifus to collect right there.

A few minutes in, you should have a team that is largely diverse and resourceful, including the main heroes, consisting of fighters, magicians, knights, and hunters. For the sake of diversity, a much-welcomed costume and dye system is available, so you can unlock new styles for your characters, as well as dye their hair and part of the clothes.

There are over 100 pieces of equipment to collect and upgrade, with quite a bit of micro-management to evolve your heroes. From skills to attributes, there are many choices to get stronger, with Adventurer Quests playing a big role in the former, since this is how you earn the points to do so.

There’s a twist to combat that you must learn to make the most of your heroes’ abilities. Devil Book has a rock-paper-scissors combat system in place, as you can see if you pay close attention to the little icon next to character class.

Devil Book Gameplay

So many heroes, so much to manage. But how does it all work? You pick a team of three heroes, but only one of them will be under your control. You can rotate between them with a short cooldown period to prevent chaotic character switches, choosing the role and shape that is most suited for a specific enemy type. Enemies are bound to a specific shape as well, you can see which one next to their health bar, so you can strategize and switch your heroes to take the upper hand. For example, a rock-based hero will gain advantage over a scissors creature.

Devil Book takes this casual approach to its gameplay, relying on an auto-play feature for most of its questing and combat. Your enjoyment will vary depending on your appreciation for this system, but, this is designed to ease you in and get you comfy. As soon as you begin unlocking other game modes such as Tower of Conquest, Boss dungeons and PvP, you’ll see that finishing those side-quests and dailies to level up your heroes and consequently boost their combat power paid off.

There is one thing that I must address, which is the quest structure. So far, I have only found quests of the “kill X enemies” or “collect X objects” variety, so I hope there is a bit more diversity to the main story later on. You chat with many colorful NPCs, but I wouldn’t mind a few missions where you had to perform other kind of tasks.

Nonetheless, Devil Book is an interesting and laid-back MMORPG with the refreshingly original graphics as the obvious highlight. It’s fun to summon new heroes and see their cool skill animations, and the gameplay ends up being compelling as you improve your team, take on bosses and combine strengths with other players. Give it a go by clicking the link on the video description and dive inside your very own cartoon adventure. And enjoy the Devil Book promo codes list that we carefully curate for you.

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Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

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