Digimon Battle exclusive interview

Digimon Battle is an upcoming free MMORPG based on the popular cartoon series. This is a game that is being extremely well received by players, and we wanted to find out more about the near future. Ashley Nam, Project Manager at WeMade Entertainment, spoke in an exclusive interview.

Can we start with a brief introduction? What is your role on Digimon Battle?

My name is Ashley Nam and as Project Manager at WeMade, I’m producing the game contents for localization, planning the marketing and communication strategy, and managing the development schedule and resources.

Will Digimon Battle be a free-to-play MMO featuring a micro-transactions model? What kind of items will be available in the shop?

Yes, Digimon Battle is free-to-play and will feature micro-transactions. Players can download the game and start playing for free right away and will be able to purchase in-game items in the cash shop later. More details about items in the cash shop will be revealed after launch. Payment methods will include Pay Pal, PayByCash, ClickAndBuy and prepaid game cards.

How big is the team working on Digimon Battle at this stage? And are there many Digimon fans in the team?

There are about 25 people currently working on Digimon Battle in the US and overseas. Digimon Battle has been in development for two years as the creators wanted to design an engaging turn-based battle format and bring the beloved Digimon characters to life. And, yes, I’m a huge Digimon fan! Most of us are!

This is the first online Digimon game and the series has a huge following. Does this make you more excited about exploring this franchise?

Digimon Battle is the first MMORPG for the US audience based on the popular cartoon series. We have had an amazingly positive reaction from fans and would consider exploring other options in the future!

If you had to name the most important feature to promote Digimon Battle, what would it be?

Digimon Battle combines strategic gameplay with the one-of-a-kind interactive Digivolution system that requires Tamers to nurture and train their Digimon companions over time. Digimon Battle centers on the core idea of team work and is both challenging and rewarding as players help Digimon digivolve. It is essential that Tamers foster a true partnership with their Digimon companions because you can’t win without their help!

Digimon Battle won’t feature any violence, despite the combat based gameplay. Does this mean it’s a game purely aimed at a younger audience or will older players also enjoy it?

Yes, unlike many online games that center on violence and aggressive monster-hunting, Digimon Battle players can enjoy caring for their Digimon companions and participating in online battles without intense violence or offensive material to spoil the fun. That being said, Digimon Battle can be enjoyed by Digimon fans of all ages – it’s for men and women, teens and tweens, girls and boys who enjoy challenging battles, engaging gameplay and training Digimon partners. Since the game is turn-based, players and monsters take turns attacking, making it simple for everyone to play at their own pace and be completely immersed in challenging battles at all levels.

How is the Open Beta going? Are you getting a lot of enthusiasm and feedback from players?

It’s going very well! Fans were so excited about the start of open beta that we had to open two extra servers the night of the launch! The fans have also have been sharing helpful feedback since the beta began on March 17. We interact with fans all the time on our Digimon Battle social networking sites, which turned out to be a great way to stay in touch with all of them! They seem to be having fun!

Do you plan on frequently adding more Digimon?

Yes, we will release ongoing updates for Digimon Battle to keep gameplay fresh and fun! We'll be revealing the specific details on new Digimon, maps and systems during April, so stay tuned!

Anything else you would like to tell our readers about Digimon Battle?

We have frequent events and contests coming up in the future! Fans can download the game today and stay up to date on news at www.digimonbattle.com

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