Dragon Raja English Release Impressions – A World of Dragons, Magic, and Long Legs

Dragon Raja English Release Impressions

Did that video intro catch your attention? Looks really cute, doesn’t it? That is the female Gunslinger, one of the playable classes from Dragon Raja, the new mobile MMORPG that is going global. You can play it for free right now using that link in the video description to get it from the Google Play Store or App Store, but while it downloads, join us in our Dragon Raja English release impressions and journey to a land filled with waifus, husbandos, dragons, basketball, racing, and… rollercoasters? Oh, and long legs. Man, those legs. They stretch for miles and miles. Wow.

I have been following Dragon Raja for a while and we even discussed it with you before. When developer Archosaur Games asked if I wanted to get early access to the global release, I said where do I sign? And sign I did, because this is a sponsored video. But since this is a game that I really like and many players have been eagerly expecting the global release, sit back and let’s see what it is all about.

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Dragon Raja is an open world mobile MMORPG crafted with the Unreal Engine 4. This is an ambitious game, coming with all the bells and whistles that we hope to see in this day and age. It looks amazing and it wouldn’t be out of place on PC, but it’s great to see that mobile games are finally delivering some stunning visuals. Remember that what you’re seeing right now is what you’re going to be playing in your mobile phone.

Besides, there’s a great level of interactivity with the world, with many actions that you can do to feel more immersed into the story. You can play basketball… and fail miserably, but if you perform well enough you can even join the team. You can indulge in car racing and make your rivals eat your dust. You can ride the rollercoaster at breakneck speed, take a ride on the carousel, or obverse the funfair from higher ground abord the giant Ferris wheel, alone or with your significant other.

I love some of those invisible details that show the attention behind the scenes – for example, the way that your character’s clothes get soaked after going for a swim or under heavy rain, slowly drying out as the sun begins to shine. The splish splash effects as she runs around –  Look at her opening the umbrella! Or how the flowers and other objects dynamically react to your movement, making the scene feel lively and organic.

School of Gifted Hybrids

Dragon Raja Fashion

If you think that your phone can’t handle this level of visual quality, you can head over to the graphical options and customize it to your needs. As you can see, the lowest level isn’t too bad at all, but the game truly shines when you push it to the max. A good option is to use an Android emulator on PC, that should solve any issues when you’re not playing on the go – just connect your account and all your cross-platform progress problems are solved.

A word of warning: this footage is from the pre-release version, so that’s why you won’t see many players running around, or any PvP action. The whole world is mine for the taking, and mine alone!

Dragon Raja is a game with a strong focus on storyline, being adapted from a novel by a Chinese author. The game adaptation gives me a strong X-Men vibe, as this group of unique individuals goes around using their amazing powers. There’s even a guy called Anjou acting as a stand-in for Professor Xavier, running Cassell College, his school for the gifted youngsters. However, he isn’t bald, and has this weird but fashionable obsession with walking around holding his coat. This charismatic oddball will help you in your quest, along with virtual assistant Eva.

Dragon Raja English Release Impressions | Male, Female, or Lolita Classes

Dragon Raja Soul Dancer Class

But first things first, so let’s check the Dragon Raja classes and character creation. There are four classes to choose from: Soul Dancer, Assassin, Gunslinger, and Blade Master. Each class comes with a cool intro to make your decision a tough one. There are at least two more ingenious classes coming later, but we’ll leave those for another occasion.

After picking your class, you have to choose the gender. Yep, there’s no gender lock in Dragon Raja, so you won’t be stuck with a class that you didn’t want to play with. Besides, you can pick from male, female… and Lolita. No, I’m not joking, you can pick any class as a Lolita character, and I’m pretty sure that many players are going to appreciate this unusual approach. What is usually released as a race in other MMOs becomes a gender here, so that’s one more option for you to mix and match. Like it or hate it? Let me know in the comments.

Character creation offers you tons of templates to choose from, in case you don’t want to spend a long time creating a cool avatar. Or you can randomize your look and get some pretty faces or surprisingly creepy results… Holy crap, this one is going to give me nightmares [ghost eyes]! But you would miss out on a system that allows you to accurately create the waifu of your dreams. Besides, it comes with all the options that every true gamer desires, wink wink nudge nudge [breast slider].

At level 40 you can switch classes, if you want to try another one without starting from scratch. Just find the class transfer NPC, pay a certain amount of in-game gold, and voilá, you are now a different beast. This sounds particularly useful for future classes, when you’re close to endgame and don’t want to start all over again with the new class.

Dragon Raja English Release Impressions | More Than Meets the Eye

Dragon Raja English Release Impressions Events

Dragon Raja is a game with… you guessed it, dragons. You have to fight these mythological creatures in some impressive clashes. But before that, the story is going to take you places. The utterly sad and snow-filled prologue will introduce you to some important faces, paving the way for your arrival at Cassell College, where all the mighty beings unite to measure egos and to see who has the biggest… combos. What? What did you think I was going to say?

Anyway, you’ll get to meet a diverse cast, each one with strong motivations and interesting personalities. Luminous himself seems to be much more than the clumsy, useless dude that he pretends to be, but you’ll know more as the story progresses. You’re often tasked with choosing a reply or action that will shape your character’s personality and friendship rate, so it’s not an entirely linear progression system.

Before you think that I’m just going to praise Dragon Raja like there’s no tomorrow, think again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thoroughly enjoying this game, so it’s not like I have many negatives to point out. The game has tons of English voice acting, something that is pretty unusual for an MMORPG, although the quality fluctuates a lot. However, the voice overs aren’t in sync with the subtitles, and that sometimes messes with my head. It’s no biggie, but I wanted to let it out there.

Dragon Raja English Release Impressions | The Open World is in Your Hands

Dragon Raja English NoNo Car

The open world aspect of Dragon Raja allows you to freely roam the world map. While the world is divided by areas, these are reasonably large and include many NPCs and interactivity options. You have busy metropolis such as Tokyo, beaches, the hot spring resort, a barbershop, an oil platform, a few cozy villages, and even a few trips under the sea and to the funfair, among many other places. Everywhere you’ll find some sort of interactions, such as sitting on park benches, using the phone booth, playing the guitar, reading books, watching TV, lying in bed, soaking up in the pool, playing with the crane machine, and some more activities.

Dragon Raja features an interesting dynamic weather system, which even includes forecasts and the like. This allows you to see the same places under different conditions such as snow, thunderstorms, hot sun, and the day/night cycle adds to the diversity. Once again, look closely for some intricate details, as your character uniquely reacts to the weather: watch her open the umbrella, get struck by lightning, trip as she runs, dance under the snow, catch a snowflake, among other things. That’s true attention to detail.

I nearly forgot about combat altogether. Damn, I was so focused on keeping track of everything about the game that I almost failed to mention one of its pillars. Well, depending on your class you get a completely different approach to combat. Having tried the Gunslinger and Blade Master classes for quite some time, I can attest to the diversity of skills, EX skills, and chain attacks. It’s flashy and feels great most of the time. While it isn’t perfect, it is definitely miles ahead of most other MMOs, mobile or otherwise.

Bumping into NPCs could almost become a national sport in Dragon Raja. They may stumble and barely catch their footing, but another good bump will positively throw them to the ground. Another interesting interaction for the chaos lovers among you is blocking traffic in Tokyo, something that may end up getting you in trouble with the police.

Dragon Raja English Release Impressions | Mini Games and Other Events

Dragon Raja Superstar

But there are other more in-depth activities such as playing basketball or car racing. Shooting some hoops is an offer that you can’t refuse, Kobe Bryant rest in peace. Pick up that ball, do some dribbling and get that shot ready. If you perform flawlessly, you may even join the college basketball team and earn a cool sports costume.

Racing is surprisingly fun as well, and another way to earn experience points each day. You start by picking your car from the available selection, considering stats such as speed, drift, stability, and others. Mastering the drift is crucial, as this will give you the opportunity to use the turbo and truly burn some rubber for a few seconds. I can see this mode really coming to life as you challenge other players for the top spots.

You can pick a career path to open other gameplay opportunities – this is a world with many mini-games and quizzes to entertain you. The two starting careers are Superstar and Cuisine, but at level 40 you can only choose one of them, with the other one unlocking at level 60. I decided to become a Superstar, because fame and fortune, here I come! At least in theory, because the road to stardom is long and hard. Hire an agent, practice singing, dancing, tongue-twisters, create some items for the fan club, dress up for different occasions, and a lot more. There’s a lot to do, but you won’t become a Superstar or a Chef in just a few days, and each level brings different activities and mini-games to keep you entertained.

Since I know just how you guys like to check the costumes and mounts in every MMO, let’s do it. Dragon Raja has a cool selection of outfits for you to unlock, from the intricately detailed to the breezier ones, which I believe will be the ones that you’ll do your most to unlock.

Then you have the mounts, which range from the stylish to the outlandish. You’ll begin with an awesome futuristic motorbike, unlock an hover board and a wing glider, and you may even ride a stunning sports car. If you prefer the craziest rides, there’s a pink whale, a hot air balloon, and a fat lady pushing a shopping cart. Who asked for that? I’ll never know.

What else can I say about Dragon Raja? It looks and feels great, has tons of attention to detail, the storyline is occasionally goofy but lots of fun, and the open world has many side activities. I’ll definitely keep coming back for more to see where the story goes, and to embark on quests and PvP with other players. Join me by downloading the game from the links below and let’s slay some dragons… and play some basketball for a change. Have fun!

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