Dragon Storm Fantasy gameplay impressions: Dragon Age

Dragon Storm Fantasy gameplay

Recently, we published our first impressions of Dragon Storm Fantasy and now with its official worldwide launch, it’s time to see what this MMORPG has to offer.. This is a mobile game with a fiercely competitive side to it, and while it might not suit everyone, it brings many interesting aspects to the table that definitely deserve your attention. But before I get into the specifics, allow me to direct you to this sponsored video from developer GOAT Games which offers a general breakdown and impressions of the game features, which hopefully gives you a sense of what this game is all about.

It’s also important to dispel the stigma that mobile games have inherently bad touchscreen controls, on the contrary, there are quite a few Android emulators on PC that allow you to comfortably play most, if not all, mobile games without a hitch. I’ve played this game on PC without any issues, and so can you.

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That being said, let’s dive right into the game. Dragon Storm Fantasy follows a formula that you will surely find familiar, but with the unique feature that allows your human hero to transform into a dragon. Transformation into a divine dragon comes in handy because it gives your character incredible destructive potential.

Dragon Storm Fantasy is available for free in the Play Store and App Store, having officially launched on December 5th. If you download soon using the link that will be up soon in the video description, you will earn a free epic weapon when you reach level 30. You may be thinking how long it will take to reach level 30; well here is the short answer: less than half an hour.

You see, in the game you don’t just gain levels – you eat levels for breakfast, and before you know it, you’re already over level 100. It’s crazy when you think about it, but unlike many other games where you barely see any progress beyond level 40 or so, this game will always keep that green bar going. I’ve played well beyond level 250 and have barely scratched the surface. Not to mention there are world bosses requiring a level 700 character to challenge. Now that milestone is going to keep you glued to the game.

Dragon Storm Fantasy Become the Dragon

Let’s talk classes first. There are three of classes to choose from, and your selection is only limited by gender. Here, the focus is on the divine dragons and what they add to the game. Among the classes, the choice of the Archer is a plus for me, as this is the type of class that I usually go for, given my preference for ranged combat over the more dangerous melee action. The other classes are the Warrior and the Mage, each having unique introductions highlighting the dragon transformation, which adds a nice touch of style and choice of roles.

Like I said before, you can transform into a unique Divine Dragon, choosing your favorite as you unlock new creatures and upgrading them in the process. There are several to choose from, with each respective dragon representing the powers of frost, fire, light, darkness, life, time, and space. In dragon form, or more specifically, in a hybrid human-dragon form, you get new skills that deliver exponentially more devastating effects on your foes. The dragon can be used for roughly 15 seconds, but it’s always worth transforming as it can be crucial to deal that extra damage.

The first dragon that I got was the Divine Dragon of Frost. This dragon increases damage to nearby targets and slows them down. With its ice-based attacks, such as ice cone or cold spur, it can deal damage to several foes. The next dragon you get is the Dragon of Life, represented by an elf dressed in green, capable of dealing damage but also recovering a part of your health during the incarnation period.

Dragon Storm Fantasy Epic Bosses

The early levels don’t pose much of a challenge, feeling more like an extended tutorial that gradually unlocks feature after feature, teaching you the ropes and describing every single way that you can level up your character. The UI shows you dozens of ways in which you can level up your character, with options neatly divided into every area that you can think of – companions, divine dragons, mounts, the forge, wings, skills, and so much more, including events, dungeons, and the story mode. There is always something to see and do, but you can also collapse a few options or enter photo mode to see the graphics in their full glory.

The forge, for instance. This is where you check your equipped gear and enhance it. You have different gear tiers with diverse stats such as attack, health or defense, and you can upgrade it using whetstones. The higher the tier, the cooler the aura effect looks on your character. This is one of the ways for high level characters to showboat, as their gear has this shine that doesn’t go unnoticed. That’s pretty cool, to be honest.

To move around you get a few mounts that are either armored to the core, or just plain fear-inducing. You’ll probably begin with a war goat or a warhorse, but you have other cool creatures such as a velociraptor, a Peco Peco that looks like a deadly Chocobo from the Final Fantasy series, a behemoth, or a massive griffon, among others. While these mounts don’t actively participate in combat, feeding them contributes to your overall battle power, and they also have star rankings to gain.

Dragon Storm Fantasy Pets and Mounts

Companions, on the other hand, aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and stand by your side during battle. A cute fairy is probably going to be your first companion, but a fire maiden or the aptly named queen of pain are surely going to be more helpful.

In case you’re wondering about how you’ll manage to remain competitive against paying players – because that is a reality we all must accept – well, there are ways to do so if you’re not in a rush.

The AFK mode works even when you’re not… well, AFK, and you just need to collect the rewards whenever you feel like. You can get rewards for up to 12 hours and there’s a handy icon that gradually fills with riches to let you know how much loot and XP you have to collect.

With the resources that you have earned, both offline and online, you can head over to the Auction House to start a thriving business. Since the game regularly drops rare items, you can sell the surplus to other players for a fee that you set. Besides, you can pick any item that you are looking for, including but not limited to crystals, mounts, companions, relics, and even divine dragons.

Dragon Storm Fantasy Dragonborns

There are many solo PvE dungeons where you can gain experience, most of them offering you different kinds of rewards. The main story will take you through a preset route, but you can enter other dungeons whenever you want to, normally with a limited number of daily entries. You’ll invest through the usual mobs, often ending up with a huge boss that poses the real challenge. These dungeons are usually brief, and you can reap the rewards in less than five minutes or so.

The Divine Dragon Tower is the endless tower where you fight boss after boss, earning glyphs in the process. These glyphs are going to give your dragons a nice boost to some stats such as defense, attack, or health.

In some boss battles, there is a competitive mechanic where players who last hit the boss get all the loot – I don’t know what you make of that, but I’m pretty sure that this is going to be a divisive feature. If I’m the one ending up with the best loot, then who am I to complain? Anyway, Baal is the level 700 boss that I’ve previously mentioned, a devilish creature that may drop a tier 16 chest, but also a special boss chest for the player who dealt the most damage during the battle.

Dragon Storm Fantasy is the kind of game where your objective is clear from the very beginning – you’ll get to create or join a guild and participate in massive PvP battles. With your teammates, through various means, including upgrading buildings, contributing to the guild with donations, and ultimately taking your guild to the top of the leaderboard. Any equipment that you have sitting around, feel free to place it in the guild’s warehouse, and picking up any piece in exchange for guild points.

Dragon Storm Fantasy World

But guilds aren’t only about trading gear and having a good time chatting. There are server vs server and world vs world battles for you to challenge, with some of these modes featuring 10,000 versus 10,000 battles. Can you picture the size of those? World bosses are one of the events where every player must cooperate, aiming to defeat a colossal creature. These massive battles with leave you breathless, as dozens of players simultaneously unleash their powers. The higher the damage, the better rewards you’ll get, and the player that lands the last hit will get an additional reward as well. This is perfect to test your skills, but the rewards are also incredibly alluring, creating some friendly competition within the guild itself.

In the Eternal Battle mode, you are tasked to open chests with your guildmates to get rare items, while engaging other players from rival guilds who are looking to do the same. As soon as the boss spawns, it’s time to join forces to take it down, at least in theory, because you should spot some treacherous players who chose to attack you instead of dealing with the bigger threat. It’s all about strategy and personal gain, so don’t be fooled by a potentially dangerous timed truce.

There are some exclusive guild PvE events, such as a party activity where you and your guildmates will drink to earn experience and items. Other guild events are less about frolicking around and more about defending your statue from monsters.

The arena is where you can test your skill in real-time PvP battles, challenging other players. You get to choose your rival from a small selection, skipping easier fights. When you find a worthy opponent, you enter the arena and must use your skills the best you can to win the fight and climb the rankings. During PvP you can and should use the dragon transformation in a timely manner to deal more damage, as your normal form just won’t cut it.

Dragon Storm Fantasy is fiercely addictive, aimed at those who love competition and teaming up with other players to become the best guild in the game. If you want to show your potential and take a shot at the top rankings, soon we'll have the video up and you can use the link in the video description, the same one that is going to earn you a free epic weapon.

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