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Dragon Storm Fantasy Preview

Dragon Storm Fantasy is the next game from developer GOAT Games, makers of War and Magic. This is a strategy wargame inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic, but for Dragon Storm Fantasy, which you can pre-register right now in the Play Store and the App Store, the studio is taking on a wholly different genre, the MMORPG. Click the Dragon Storm Fantasy pre-registration link to get started!

Just as the title hints at, Dragon Storm Fantasy is all about dragons and fantasy, with some storms probably thrown in for good measure. Developed for mobile devices and running on a full 3D engine, the highlight of the game is the dual-form dragon transformation system. You won’t be bound to your boring human form throughout the entire adventure; instead, you’re able to turn into different kinds of mighty dragons, from the Giant Dragon to the female Divine Dragon, with the latter apparently being one of the most sought-after creatures in this game.

Transformations depend on the battlefield where players find themselves on and your class selection, with three classes available right now: Archer, Warrior, and Mage. Dragons are based on different elements such as Ice, Fire, Light, Dark, Life, Time, and Space, meaning that they will feature distinct looks and abilities. We’re curious to see how often you can transform into a dragon and what kind of devastating abilities they will have to show for.

Based on early impressions, gameplay seems to have a certain hack and slash flavor to it, as you run dungeons and defeat the enemies that come your way, using combos and skills. A giant boss is waiting for you at the end of the stage, usually a dragon that will test your might. The transformation significantly boosts your attack power, but later in the game things won’t be as simple as they are during early game.

Speaking of which, Dragon Storm Fantasy is promising a new approach to the way that the story is told. Storytelling will rely on narration to better convey the experience, with flashbacks taking you through past events. The devs say that this structure defined the choice of a stage based MMO instead of an open world where players can freely roam but also lose themselves. Using chapters, you will easily keep up with the plot as you unlock new stages and lore.

dragon storm fantasy boss battle

Artistically speaking, Dragon Storm Fantasy goes for this colorful style that seems evocative of classic MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft. It’s not terribly detailed, but it looks good most of the time, especially the huge bosses and the dragon transformations. There is a common theme to the game, which is dragons, of course, with player armor taking inspiration from the horns and spikes usually found in the winged mystical creatures. Evidently, you’ll unlock new armor and weapons, and there is one nice touch that helps you differentiate high-tier equipment from your run-of-the-mill gear – the better the equipment, the more vivid are the colors, and the higher is the saturation. You’ll almost glow in the dark when you’re wearing your top-tier equipment.

Players who are into auction houses will find one in Dragon Storm Fantasy. You can farm for items and sell them at a considerable profit, while others looking to save time will head straight to the auction house to purchase the items that they are searching for. It’s always a debatable feature that some players love and others hate, and Diablo 3 is one of the games where it got so much attention that it turned into something bigger than the game itself.

Dragon Storm Fantasy loot

Dragon Storm Fantasy rounds up the PvE experience with the traditional multitude of game modes including PvP. This is described as having a semi-automatic battle system where you choose eight skills before heading into battle, where you must cast them manually.

While threading familiar ground, Dragon Storm Fantasy seems to check every mandatory aspect of a mobile MMORPG, with the bonus of dragons that you can transform into. The global launch is coming soon, and we’ll make sure to see if these dragons are scorching hot.

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