SMMOll Talk: Who is your dream videogame spokesperson?

Picture the following scenario: you're the boss of one of the top software studios in the world – you name it – and you have an almost unlimited pile of money to use in marketing your next big hit. You know, Grand Elder Creed Effect, that game is going to skyrocket the charts. But you want to give it an extra push by hiring a celebrity to be the spokesperson for the game and have him/her appearing in TV commercials and so. Who would it be?

This challenge comes from recent news that Wonder Woman Gal Gadot is the League of Angels: Paradise Land spokesperson. Publisher GTArcade managed a genius marketing stunt and released the game almost at the same time that Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman movie is getting rave reviews (I mean, 92% on Rotten Tomatoes is far from common) and is the best thing that could happen to DC Comics after several failed attempts at battling the superior Marvel movies. Gal Gadot's face will certainly open a few more doors (read players) to the new mobile game of the League of Angels series. We've all seen other celebrities becoming spokespersons for games – for example, top model Kate Upton and singer Mariah Carey promoting Game of War.

And that leads to the question: who would you choose as spokesperson? Say, for your favorite MMORPG? I'll give you an example: Alexandra Daddario, the beautiful young actress with otherworldly blue bold eyes that you've certainly noticed in movies such as San Andreas or in the latest Baywatch (which I'm yet to see). But she made it into the hearts of millions of fans thanks to a small part in the series True Detective. Alexandra Daddario would certainly fit the bill as a goddess on SMITE, don't you agree?

Now it's your turn:
• Who would you choose – man or woman – as spokesperson for your favorite game? Name a person and the corresponding game.

Let us know your opinion about this mess in the comments below.

alexandra daddario spokesperson

SMMOll Talk (or Small Talk in case it escaped you) is a section where we build up on some of the hottest topics surrounding MMOs and free-to-play games in general. Each time we ask your opinion on a specific theme and we count on your comments to expand on the subject.


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