Dungeon Fighter Online Review 2021 and 6th Anniversary Celebration

Dungeon Fighter Online review 2021.

Dungeon Fighter Online is a classic side-scrolling action MMORPG from Neople. It is celebrating its 6th anniversary since its latest global launch and has several new events and rewards for every player. There will be a couple of updates coming, with the first one having dropped on March 23 and the other one launching on April 6. Those who wish to participate can join by clicking the link in the video description. If you’re not familiar with the game, here’s some context, along with a couple of very strong reasons to check it out. Sit tight and watch our Dungeon Fighter Online review 2021.

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Dungeon Fighter Online is one of the worldwide top grossing games of all-time and is frequently spotted in the top position. While we’re here talking about the 6th anniversary of its worldwide release, the game has been around for longer than that and features more content than you can wrap your head around. It isn’t as popular in the west as it is in China, but it still sports a very commendable playerbase – you can play using the official launcher, where most players are, but also from Steam.

All that stuff about profits is cute and all that, but us, players, don’t care about that. So, I’ll tell you why I find Dungeon Fighter Online to be particularly relevant in our times. With all the craze over pixel art games brought forward by indie creators and such, I’d say that this is one of the few true retro beat’em ups that you can play right now. It’s a side-scroller like arcade classics Double Dragon and Streets of Rage, but with the added depth of MMOs. There’s the best of two worlds here and very few free-to-play releases can compare.

And now for the other big reason to explore Dungeon Fighter Online. I believe that I’m not alone here, perhaps some of you haven’t done the math yet, but you will.

Does the name Project BBQ ring a bell? This is the next game from Neople, makers of Dungeon Fighter Online, and the next chapter in the franchise. It is bound to be one of the best action MMORPGs ever, judging by what we’ve seen so far. Consider us extremely hyped for what can be roughly described as Dungeon Fighter Online 3D. There isn’t much info doing the rounds yet, but since Project BBQ seems to be a spin-off featuring an alternate story, various classes and key characters from Dungeon Fighter Online, those familiar with the lore will surely enjoy it the most. Sounds like great timing.

Dungeon Fighter Online’s 6th anniversary has a few events to test your might, so here’s what to expect. There’s a new area and five brand-new events, and if you excel at this, you get to earn an epic weapon, a full set of rare avatars, and much more. By early March the Neo Awakening of the Thief class was introduced, as well as several character leveling events suited for new players. New and returning Dungeon Fighter Online players will benefit the most from these events and respective rewards.

You enter the Academia Caelestia by talking to Squire Lancefinn in Seria’s room. Many trials await and you earn both Solarium and Lunarium according to your choice between Order of the Sun and Order of the Moon, or as I also like to call them, blonde dude and sexy goth girl. You can use your Solarium and Lunarium to purchase rewards from the big golden statue of Magister DJ.

You can also recollect your memoirs from the game by talking with the NPC G.P.D. and completing 8-piece puzzles, rewarding you with Lunarium and other items.

This is a brief rundown on the 6th anniversary events, but new players will want to know what else awaits them in Dungeon Fighter Online. There are 16 classes to begin with, and I’m counting both genders for some of them because each one has four or five different advancements which may differ even inside the same class. So, the choice is sizeable.

The best thing about Dungeon Fighter Online – besides the amount of content – is the gameplay. It takes some getting used to because of its retro stylings, but once you get the hang of it there’s a lot of old-school bashing fun to be had. It’s fast-paced, chaotic at times, and there are tons of combos to perform, either alone or with a few friends. Going solo may sound more practical, but in fact it’s way better to form a party and have someone looking over your back, because some bosses are truly resourceful damage sponges.

Dungeon Fighter Online, a true classic side-scrolling action MMO if ever there was one. And remember that this is the perfect introduction for Project BBQ, a game that we're very excited for.

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