Eterlands Exclusive Interview

Eterlands is a name that, out of nowhere, left many players intrigued and interested in seeing more of this MOBA game that tries to stir up the genre. We tried to uncover a bit of the mystery and spoke with the Eterlands team. Here is what we found out.

The Eterlands trailer just took all of us by surprise. How did you see player feedback and do you feel that now you have the responsibility to deliver a high quality game or many players will be disappointed?

True that this is a huge responsibility, but we think it is pretty much the same in case of every new game on the market. Not providing 100%, or misleading people waiting for Eterlands is completely unacceptable for us. If this happened we wouldn't disappoint just gamers but we would disappoint ourselves as well. Not giving the best that is possible would make this whole project meaningless. Our main aim is to provide a well structured and enjoyable gameplay which is true to every promise we made.

Is Eterlands running on a proprietary engine? How difficult was it for you to create all the dynamic effects and have them influence gameplay, such as snow slowing down characters?

Many new inventions and continuous development needed for the dynamic gameplay and the ever changing environment. We dreamed a world where environmental effects would influence gamers which true was a hard task to achieve. We have spent many many working hours developing the gameplay and now we are confident that all is working sweetly.

Is Eterlands going to be a regular MOBA (with the lanes) or will you take a different approach to the arenas?

Eterlands would keep the regular lane dominant structure in order to provide clearer and easy to follow gameplay for every gamer. This said, there will be the option to tweak the structure and customize some parts. We have managed to develop a game where for example a classical three lane structure could be turned into a crater dotted, fallen trees covered battlefield by the end of the game.

The first trailer shows a warrior chopping down a tree and dragging it. What will be the use of this tree?

We would like to keep some things as secret but can tell you that certain characters would benefit from using different elements of the game.

What kind of heroes, or Eternals as they are called will we be able to choose? So far we’ve only seen a kind of warrior, can you give us any more examples? And how many do you plan to have when the game enters beta?

There will be many fantasy heroes to choose from. The palette would go from the ones using sheer force to the ones using powerful magic only. Don't just expect human beings though but many mystical species. Currently the warrior and a fire magician are the only characters available for checking however a female character is being finalised just now. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with an exact number, but rest assured there will be plenty to choose from when the Beta version is released.

The MOBA genre is very crowded and many games tend to fail after just a few months. Aren’t you afraid of the big names such as Dota 2 and LoL and do you feel you have a real chance against them?

It is not our purpose to compete with the big names but to humbly widen the scope of MOBA games on the market and bring some fresh ideas to what the famous and popular games have to offer. We ourselves are big MOBA fans as well and think Eterlands is a kind of tribute to the most famous MOBAs. Our aim is to expand the boundaries of MOBA gaming by keeping the enjoyable and well structured gameplay.

When can we expect the first beta?

We do not have an exact date just yet, however if everything goes according to plans the Beta version would launch in the first half of 2015.

Anything else you would like to say to our readers?

We find it absolutely vital to listen to what gamers have to say. For us the sense of true gaming experience is the most important of all therefore we continuously listen to every feedback which could improve Eterlands even further.

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