FreeMMOStation Free MMO Game Awards 2014~2015 (Part 2)


Wow, where should we begin? The next couple of years are going to be amazing and we're pretty sure that there are many other great MMORPGs in development that we're yet to know of. We had to narrow this list down quite a bit and we're not even including a few MMORPGs which have yet to reveal their business model (free-to-play or not), but with such heavyweights, the choice will be extremely difficult. Then again, most of you probably have your favorite already for a while, so the choice is already made. Share it with the rest of us.

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Anime is such a popular thing all over the world that we have to make a category just for it. As usual, South Korea is where all the heavy hitters are coming from and they're already making players from all corners of the world drool over the prospect of playing them. Tree of Savior, for example, is just what millions of Ragnarok Online fans are waiting for, after the disappointment of the sequel; Peria Chronicles is just one beautiful, big, sandbox-y MMORPG with an in-depth world creation system and visuals that look and move like a dream; and Soul Worker is just this crazy, gorgeous action game with fast-paced combat and plenty of pantyshots. But among all the ones below, which one is your favorite?

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If you have an itchy trigger finger, you're probably counting the days for a few of these games to release. Some are just around the corner, while others like Overwatch, Chroma or Global Agenda 2 are probably a year or even a couple of years away. And if this isn't your favorite genre, don't be fooled: a few of these aren't just brainless shooters; World of Warships is a very tactical game and Fortnite draws inspiration from Minecraft and Team Fortress 2. Pick your weapons.

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