FreeMMOStation Free MMO Game Awards 2014~2015 (Part 3)


Currently, even the most unsuspecting studios like Blizzard (Heroes of the Storm), Obsidian Entertainment (Armored Warfare) or BioWare (Shadow Realms) are betting on free-to-play in some sort. However, a few brave – or shall we say unwilling to see the reality – studios are still battling on and releasing subscription-based or buy to play MMOs. We won't include World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and EVE Online in the list below because we highly doubt that any of those games will turn free-to-play in the next billion years, so here are our big contenders for losing the price of admission in a year or two.

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Ah, South Korea, you're breaking our hearts. With so many places in the world, why do you insist on making the most awesome MMO games and most of the time just keeping them for yourselves? We're not ungrateful though, thank you for noticing us and giving us games such as Black Desert Online, Lost Ark or Tree of Savior, we're eagerly expecting them. But how about Soul Worker or Blade & Soul? And why is China getting exclusives such as Borderlands Online and Monster Hunter Online? We're players too, do you know that? Anyway, which one of these is the most unlikely to reach North America and Europe?

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Another year, another bunch of games that were shut down or just plain ceased development. Among those there were a few that could have been the blockbusters of the future, especially Project Titan from Blizzard, a game that was 7 years in development when Blizzard deemed it “not much fun” and some remains were included in the upcoming shooter Overwatch. There's also World of Darkness from the makers of EVE Online, another game that spent quite a few years in development only to end up canceled. And Harry Potter Online, the “now you can use the property, now you can't” project that ended up canceled by force, but may be returning soon with a different name of something of the ilk. Which one would you want to play?

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“Oh no, another MOBA!” How many times have you read or even said this somewhere over the last couple of years? Sure, it's overused, but we can't exactly blame you since it's clear that everyone is trying to get a piece of the tasty cake that League of Legends, mostly, baked sometime ago. But that's not the only trend right now, with the collectible card game genre seeing countless releases, all of them trying to cash in on the playerbase that Blizzard's Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is amassing. Funny enough, online card games were a niche genre just about a year ago but right now everyone is trying to release one. It's crazy just how things go, right?

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