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Hunter's Arena: Legends

Hunter’s Arena: Legends is an upcoming game from Mantisco, and it instantly caught our eye when the first videos dropped. We were going to talk to you about it anyway, so it’s a great thing that they decided to sponsor us to do it. The link in the video description will take you to the official website where you can follow the game via the various social channels.

We were immediately drawn to Hunter’s Arena: Legends because, in all honesty, it was “that game that looked like Black Desert Online”. If there is one reference that someone should aim for in terms of visuals, that is the one.

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Hunter’s Arena: Legends is described as a mix of MMORPG, battle royale and MOBA powered by the Unreal Engine 4. You just have to stop and look at the way that the character’s hair moves and flows with such poise, one of the aspects that many games still ignore today due to the high technical challenge. Mimi’s hair looks stunning, but so does Mir’s male hair and the fur that he wears. This character seems to have some sort of mystical hair to go with his persona, and… the fighting panda’s fur looks incredible. It’s nothing short of remarkable and this isn’t a character selection screen trick only – you can easily see how the hair moves during gameplay if you look closely.

This is the kind of attention to detail proving that the Hunter’s Arena: Legends developers truly care about their game. The team plans on having over 10 characters ready for the Q4 2019 alpha. For the duration of the three months following the official launch, they wil release two new characters per month. After that, it will be one new character per month, an impressive rate that will surely please fans of the game.

As for the gameplay, Hunter’s Arena: Legends supports 60-player matches in a 2-square kilometer battlefield. The available footage mostly shows you the stunning forest region, but there are other locations to explore, including snowy areas, deserts and lava fields. This game features a day and night cycle, with the monsters becoming more aggressive at night.

Hunter's Arena: Legends

The matches start in a village in the center of the map, where you can trade with various merchants. This is also the place where the matches end. Each match takes between 30 minutes and one hour to finish. There is a solo mode and a trio mode in survival, while a tag mode allows for two-player small-scale fights, where you can switch between your two characters to create impressive combos.

Combat is skill-based and features a high risk/high reward system. When under attack, you can either guard (low risk) or reflect, which is a high-risk counterattack for high reward. Mixing weapon attacks with martial arts moves will create combos that give you the upper hand.

You don’t just run around in the battlefield; you can tame a wild horse and use it to move faster, and you can also glide in a certain location of the map. There are over 20 bosses to fight, including world bosses that spawn in random locations, and each match will have over 10,000 monsters.

Hunters Arena Legends 1

The experience points that you earn in battle can be used to level up your character and the special abilities. You also earn items and in-game currency that you can use to buy cosmetics for your character. These rewards are determined by the way that you perform in battle and the number of kills, not by the character’s rank.

Mantisco says that the desire to make Hunter’s Arena: Legends as a PC game comes from a strong feeling of nostalgia and from the sights of an oversaturated mobile market. One of the games that inspired the team was Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, with similar elements being added to the game.

With fantastic looks, amazingly detailed characters and deep RPG mechanics to add long-lasting appeal to the gameplay, Hunter’s Arena: Legends is one of the games that you should keep an eye out for. Follow the game by clicking the link in the video description. The alpha release is planned for late 2019, so it won’t be long before we can get into those fights and feel the wind blowing through our killer hair.


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