Warspear Online Gameplay Impressions from Classic MMORPG in 2020

Warspear Online Gameplay Impressions

Hey guys, do you like auto-pathing? Well, you’re out of luck, because Warspear Online has no auto-pathing! I know, I know, it’s shocking to find an MMO in this day and age where you have to actually control your character and take him places, without resorting to a lame automatic option that does all the work for you. Ah, don’t you miss those times when games required your interaction?

We were kindly asked to make a sponsored video for Warspear Online and after some careful consideration, we decided that it was a good fit for the channel, so yeah, let’s do this. Besides, it’s free-to-play, so there’s no stopping anyone from playing. Hit this link and you’ll get started in no time, and watch our Warspear Online gameplay impressions below to learn more about the game.

Even if you have a potato computer, you can easily run this game, and there’s even a mobile version if you prefer to play on the go. There’s cross-platform play, so it’s not like the player base is going to be split in the middle anyway.

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Warspear is a cool old-school MMORPG with retro graphics. It looks like those classic Zelda games but with a full-fledged online aspect to it, with guilds and PvP and all that jazz, as you and dozens of other players explore the many regions of the game world. It’s the embodiment of open world as it should always be, because you’ll be able to travel places in no time, and possibly get crushed in the process, as you need to level up in a consistent way, not move around like a fool. But hey, your adventure, your choice.

But first, let’s talk classes. There are two alliances and four races: The Firstborn and Chosen versus Mountain Clans and Forsaken. This adds up to a total of 16 classes including but not limited to the Ranger, Druid, Death Knight, Necromancer, Mage, and a few more. There is a decent level of customization to your character, with all the skills, upgrades, equipment that you can enchant, and so on. However, character creation is straightforward, with only a few choices for gender, hairstyle, and hair color before you begin the adventure. It’s cool how the pieces of equipment change the look of your character, a touch that we usually take for granted, but that many games are neglecting due to laziness or rushed releases.

As soon as you step into the world of Arinar, you’re entering a raging war, because no game begins with a world at peace. Your first sighting will be the eight-bit graphics, which look pretty cool and colorful on full-blown PC monitors, although they truly shine on the smaller screens of mobile devices. All those little persons walking around, the countless foes and innocent animals that you can sacrifice for the sake of your heroic progress… and rats, rats and other rodents everywhere. Man, this isn’t a world in need a hero, it needs pest control.

Warspear Online gameplay impressions 2020

In your quest to become a hero, you unlock skill points every few levels. You can use these to upgrade your skills and grow stronger, but this feature had me stomped for a while. In case the same happens to you, here’s how you go about it – you need to choose the skill you want to upgrade and click that menu button, followed by study skill. This is how you allocate those points, so if you were clicking on amplify or some other option, that is an entirely different thing. No need to thank me, I’m here to help. When you reach level 18, something that is going to take you quite some time, you unlock expert skills.

Warspear isn’t a game where great things fall on your lap. You are a brave warrior who has to prove his might by slaughtering every living or undead creature that you stumble across, delivering quest after quest as you explore several islands. There’s a bit of a grind to the game but no shortage of tasks to help you level up your character. This isn’t one that you’ll beat in a few days, and some quests may get a tad repetitive, but you should play it in short bursts after a hard day’s work, for example, to enjoy it the most.

Warspear Online holidays event 2020

Recently there was this winter patch dropping right in time for the holidays, featuring a new holiday island with tons of quests. The Snow Boundary comes with four new bosses and the raid boss Chernobog, Lord of cold and darkness. Sounds like a fellow in need of a swift beating.

Warspear is a game that looks and plays like a classic MMORPG, complete with the charm and challenge of games from previous generations; the eight-bit style isn’t there to fool anyone either. It is best enjoyed with friends, so get a few mates on this adventure with you. This is a fun time killer if you have plenty of time to spare, both on PC and mobile devices, so give it a try by clicking that link below. Have fun, old-school style!

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