Kritika Reboot Gameplay Impressions | Anime Brawler Kritika is BACK

kritika reboot gameplay

The untimely demise of Kritika is one of those things that left many players scratching their heads, me included. This anime brawler took its time to release in North America and Europe, and by April 2019 it shut down for good… or so we thought. Kritika’s developer is giving it a second chance by self-publishing the game in the west, and they wanted us to let you know about it with some cool Kritika Reboot gameplay.

So, besides making this sponsoring video to let you know about Kritika Reboot, we have a cool gift pack to give you, which includes an awesome Denim costume, a weapon skin, a pet, and a few other things, such as this creepy nutcracker doll mask – it’s not every day that you get to fight like that, is it? Just head over to the video description to find the gift code and how to redeem it.

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Thankfully, Kritika Reboot is a free-to-play game just as it was before, so there are no nasty surprises here. As for the rest, it remains a flashy action combat game where you pick one of the current eight classes and deliver punishment to wave after wave of enemies in instanced dungeons, evolving into one of 17 sub-classes.

Speaking of classes, the latest one has just released. The original name is HongRyoung, but you can call her the Archer, because that’s what she is. She brings her pet falcon to the battle, and this feathered companion prominently features in some of the skills. However, he seems to have an obsession for shiny things, as the dungeon ending animation shows.

While some of my previous experiences with Kritika involved the Reaper class with her sharp scythe, this time I decided to go with the Archer. As expected, this class reiterates the dynamic and fast-paced combat of Kritika, with lightning-fast dodges, jumps, and arrow shooting. The array of dazzling skills will keep things moving at breakneck speed, with the impressive winged windup or the crushing arrow barrage, dealing heavy damage in stylish ways. The Archer feels really smooth and intuitive to control, and it is a class that allows for some very creative and devastating combos.

Kritika Reboot Archer Class

Dungeons in Kritika are short and sweet, suited for quick play sessions where you dive straight into the action. Since you’ll be taking on tons of quests, you must beat most dungeons a few times, but the map will tell you where you have to go to complete the objectives, and there’s a handy quest giver at the end of each dungeon to save you from going back and forth. Before that, a huge boss awaits, but a skilled player should be able to deal with every single one of them. There’s no stamina bar to limit you this time, one of the nice changes coming with this reboot.

While you can venture into dungeons alone, Kritika is better with friends. You can team up with a few other players to rush through the maps, resulting in a relentless flurry of combos and visual effects. PvP is also available, and other modes unlock as you get closer to endgame.

You unlock small town hubs as you progress, where you have everything that you need to level up your character – from weapon and items salesmen to warehouse NPCs, not forgetting about machines to salvage your superfluous items and socketing gems. You have every bit of customization that you can hope for in an online brawler like this. And if for some reason you fancy yourself a bit of online fishing, well, you can grab your fishing rod and indulge yourself.

Kritika Reboot Archer Costume

Graphically speaking, Kritika is a colorful and flashy game. The stylish cel-shaded art direction remains pleasant today, with the obvious focus being on the playable classes. This is a game that has aged nicely and isn’t going to be overly demanding with your system.

This was just a small round-up of what Kritika was, and what the newly released Kritika Reboot is. It looks like the decision to bring it back from oblivion was a wise one, judging by the excited reactions of the fanbase. If you want to join in, remember that you can grab that sweet Denim costume and other free loot by using the code in the video description. Have fun, and merry Christmas everyone!

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