KurtzPel Sacred Guardian Karma Impressions – Lime Serenity arrives

KurtzPel Sacred Guardian Karma Impressions

KurtzPel is receiving some massive balance changes and is adding a new Karma to the roster, called Sacred Guardian. Just a couple of months after the introduction of the Dual Soul Karma, Lime Serenity joins the game and brings her massive hammer weapon. KOG sponsored us to showcase the Sacred Guardian and talk a bit about its role in the battlefield, so if you like the idea of using a massive hammer to bash your enemies, click the link in the video description to try the new Karma.

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KOG fans will surely remember Lime Serenity, the cute Paladin character from Grand Chase. Her redesign for KurtzPel is a true achievement, giving her a more mature look that detaches her from the previous loli style. She will be available in-game in the same way as other characters – you track her down and complete missions to raise affinity and unlock the weapon when you have enough Chase Points and Ability Points, or you can simply purchase the Sacred Guardian DLC on Steam.

The Sacred Guardian can be labeled as the first true Support class for KurtzPel. Its heavy-hitting power is complemented by skills that provide healing (Sanctuary), shielding (Holy Armor), and a unique Karma crystal that heals allies while damaging enemies (Faith). This class is both suited for PvE and PvP battles, with charge and rush attacks capable of dealing heavy damage and paving the way for Karma crystal skills. Obviously, this Karma requires a hefty dose of training and getting to know the intricacies of every skill.

With only a few hours of testing the new Sacred Guardian Karma, I can say for sure that I wasn’t even close to mastering its combos and skills. I felt the urge to go up and close when I should carefully time my attacks, using the Crusade skill to charge from a distance and stun the target. It was even worse in Probatio, as skilled players would get me in a stunlock and drain my health as I hopelessly watched the sucession of aerial combos. My teammate had to step in, but he was usually busy with his own problems. Swinging the hammer in a devastating spin-to-win attack could change the tide of battle, but I was clearly up against players who knew how to act in face of each adversity, despite the very recent Karma.

KurtzPel Lime Serenity Sacred Guardian Karma Eltheca

The current balance of the Sacred Guardian and the other classes, which also went through considerable balance changes, is the result of several hours of player testing and feedback. The Eltheca Proving Ground is the area where select players got to experience the Lime Sacred Guardian Karma for the first time, with a few AP and CP boost events giving players the push that they need for the official release on October 10, 2019.

The Sacred Guardian’s starting hammer is huge, but it’s funny how it looks like a squeaky toy. If you plan on turning this class into a regular, there are extremely cool hammer skins available for purchase. The Executionar’s hammer looks incredible, but humiliating your rivals with the giant teddy bear hammer would surely be the pinnacle of brawling.

With the new Karma comes a new set of challenges, with three new Lime-focused PvE missions. You can expect three new and awesome bosses to fight in co-op, something that is becoming a tradition with the release of every new Karma.

KurtzPel Lime Serenity Sacred Guardian Karma

KOG is about to take the next step for KurtzPel: going for eSports. A partnership with ESL, the world’s largest esports company specialising in tournament organisation and broadcasting, enabled the creation of the KurtzPel Challenger Tournament Series. The European and North American competitions begin on October 13.

The Sacred Guardian is the sixth Karma in KurtzPel and KOG has a lot to choose from if they are to continue with the Grand Chase roster additions. Some players are now requesting Lass, which wouldn’t be a bad idea given that it is a cool thief class versed in daggers and claws. However, that is a discussion for another time; right now, the spotlight is on Lime and her huge Sacred Guardian hammer Karma. If you’re yet to try KurtzPel, hit the link in the video description to play for free. If you have already tried the Sacred Guardian, what do you think of it?

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