KurtzPel Survival 18-Player PvP mode impressions

KurtzPel survival mode

KurtzPel is a game that just keeps on growing. Between new weapons, game modes, and quality of life improvements, there is always something waiting for you around the corner. The latest big update and one that we were eagerly expecting is the KurtzPel Survival mode, and we were sponsored to talk to you about it. In case you want to dive straight into it, you can play the anime brawler KurtzPel by clicking the link in the video description.

What is this Survival mode anyway? It’s the new challenge where 18 players fight to prove their might on Kardia Island Shore. It’s a battle royale mode at heart, but one that doesn’t feel unnecessary – considering the small-scale 18 battles in KurtzPel and the community’s persistent demands to raise simultaneous player numbers, it is something that makes sense. It also helps that this isn’t a mandatory mode, it’s just an additional way to earn CP and AP. Your ranking isn’t affected, but the longer you survive, the better is your reward.

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18 players may not sound as much when compared with the current trend of battle royale games offering 100 players. However, it’s easier to judge it based on The Hunger Games series and its 24 tributes, a more reasonable number that allows for faster matches and less random eliminations. The KurtzPel Survival mode is fast and hectic, with matches that rarely reach the ten-minute mark.

Obviously, some players are trying to subvert the principles of the Survival mode by teaming up to crush other competitors. It’s a free-for-all mode, guys! Don’t try to win by being losers! Give KOG enough time to consider adding duos or trios and then you’ll be able to play with a few friends without cheating.

KurtzPel survival mode 2

If you think that getting into a fight may benefit other players who take a passive stance – also known as being complete chickens –, you should know that there are perks for those who act bravely. If you deliver the killing blow to your enemy, you will see your health recover and get a buff that increases your attack power. This will give you the upper hand, so it’s better to risk it instead of cowardly playing hide and seek.

Being a new mode, Survival is still going through a finetuning process. One area where the Kardia Island Shore setting could be improved is on the freedom of movement. A few invisible walls tend to block your path and there is no way that you can take the fights to the middle of the forest. While there is no shortage of places to fight, we wouldn’t mind being able to do some more exploring and sightseeing in this beautiful island.

Speaking of sightseeing, there are several events running to celebrate the release of the Survival mode. The biggest one is the Funniest Survival Video Contest, where you can submit your hilarious moments. With the emotes, steep cliffs, and the beautiful sights in this island, funny moments are something that happens quite often. The funniest three videos will earn a fancy Beachwear Costume Set, and other three sets will be awarded through a raffle. There are only a few days left to enter, so hurry up.

KurtzPel survival mode 1

The new KurtzPel Survival Mode is another entertaining addition to this PvP-focused anime brawler, the latest one in a long line of updates and fixes. It’s a good way to break the pattern of playing PvE boss battles and small-scale competitive modes, while adding a sprawling island where you can fight, but also check the impressive vistas – after all, KurtzPel is a looker, with stunning anime characters and environments.

While were at it, here is something that we are really looking forward to in KurtzPel: new races! These would surely add some diversity to the game and spice up the battles, and we’re betting that they are coming soon. Personally, I can’t wait to see all these different characters coming together for a few friendly clashes. Until then, click the link in the video description to play KurtzPel and have fun fighting for supremacy in Kardia Island Shore!


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