Perfect World Revolution Gameplay | Vertical MMORPG Impressions

Perfect World Revolution Gameplay Impressions

We’re back with another upcoming game, this time from the Perfect World series. As you may recall, the acclaimed PC original was one of the first big free-to-play MMORPGs and it is still going strong today. It made quite a name for itself and so it’s not strange to see that the developers are expanding the franchise in new and exciting ways, one of them being Perfect New World, a bold reimagining coming to PC, console, and mobile. But we’ll save that for another occasion because today I’m here to tell you about Perfect World Revolution, the focus and sponsor of this video. This new game is available for pre-registration right now – you can get quite a few rewards if you go ahead and sign-up before the official launch, which is coming soon. The pre-register link is in the video description, go ahead and then let's begin with these Perfect World Revolution gameplay impressions from the closed beta.

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As more and more players join in, you’re all going to receive cool in-game rewards such as an outfit, chests, stones, and some mysterious rewards which we’re not even allowed to know about yet. Besides, there are goodies on top of goodies because any veteran player who has played other mobile versions of Perfect World has its own reward path. You need to go to the official website where the simple process takes place, but to sum it up, you choose the Veteran player on the pre-registration page, enter your character information from previous versions, then you’ll be matched with five other players from the same region as yours. A Veteran code will be generated and then you just have to find your teammates in-game. Check the Facebook page for the full instructions and ways of earning additional rewards – no, I’m not joking, they’re throwing more stuff at you, and everyone knows just how great this stuff is to give you a boost in early game and speed up progress.

With that out of the way, let’s see what Perfect World Revolution is all about. To sum it up, it is the original PC MMO revised for our busy age, favoring a swifter and easier approach to gameplay even for those who can’t squeeze many hours of gameplay from their days. Besides, it is designed as a vertical MMORPG, which means that you can face the world with a single hand. It’s not often that you find such a rich RPG designed to be played in portrait mode, but this time you can, as I’ve tried myself. Some of you may find this strange, but this is where I remind you that not everyone is able to play games in the comfort of their sofas, while chomping on some snacks. Many players want to keep enjoying the game as they go on about their busy lives, especially while commuting to work or some other place. You may have been there before, standing up in a bus or train, hanging on for dear life without a chance to play your favorite games. But this one, it’s all good, just launch the game and use that free hand to play.

This wouldn’t suffice if the game and UI wasn’t redesigned to suit this kind of approach. As you can see, the interface is arranged in a way that makes most options easily accessible with one finger. There’s a handy notification right within your reach that will set your character moving to its next objective, and it also reminds you of important limited time events.

You can play with anyone from around the globe, so it seems that it won’t be a problem finding a few friends to tackle challenging dungeons in a party of up to six players. But if for some reason you’re playing at weird hours and you can’t find a full team, the game will auto-match you with a few NPCs to give you a hand. Massive cross-server guild wars are planned, but there’s a bit of adventuring to do before you reserve the right to show your strength.

Perfect World Revolution Gameplay

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I should start by taking a look at the classes, of which there are seven so far, divided across three races: Human, Untamed, and Winged Elf. Classes are exclusive to each race, so you must pick the one that you find more suited to your playstyle without really thinking too much about it.

The Untamed are the most diverse of the bunch, offering three classes with significant variations and unique skills to each one. For example, the Barbarian is the tank of the game and has the ability to switch into a secondary form, a raging tiger, bringing a new set of skills to the battle. The Vulpine is another beast entirely, and I mean that literally, because she is also capable of shifting forms, this time into a cute mystical fox. The Assassin is your typical stealth-based class, more difficult to fully realize its potential but also the one that provides the best DPS of the bunch.

Things get a bit more conventional when we get to the Winged Elf race. As you could expect, there’s the Archer, great for long range attacks and perfect for players who prefer to solo their way. The Cleric, on the other hand, is a natural born healer, the support unit that every balanced team should have in their ranks.

Finally, humans. Or close enough, because I don’t see many Wizards when I go out for a walk. This is a great class for burst damage, so you should keep one around when you want to go for a destructive AoE attack. The Blademaster prefers to go up and personal, switching between spear and axe/hammer, changing the available skills in the process.

As for gender lock, well… it goes both ways, so to speak. Some classes such as the Assassin offer male and female options, but others like the Barbarian and the Vulpine stick to one gender alone.

After selecting your class, it’s time to get to the customization process. I chose the Vulpine, and what a gorgeous creature she is. You start by picking a preset from the ten available, and then you customize her body and face via a series of sliders and cursors. You can choose a big or small head, mess around with the torso and waistline, and of course breast size couldn’t be absent – I don’t know, that seems to be a player favorite for some reason.

The face details are stunning, and this is where the details go crazy, as you tweak every little thing. Face size, eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, ears… You can adjust pretty much everything to your liking, and the makeup section allows you to change the colors of everything, from the hair to the skin, ears and tail, eyes, and even add some sort of tattoo to the face.

In the case of both the Vulpine and the Barbarian, you can also customize their beast form. The impressive mystical fox can be switched to an impressive… er, kitty, and you can also tweak it to the extreme, from the colors to the body proportions, right down to the paw size. Not bad at all, and the portrait mode works very well in character creation.

Perfect World Revolution Gameplay

When you start the game, you realize that it’s quite good-looking, with bright and colorful graphics, with the absolutely gorgeous deep sea being a perfect example. But there’s also some barren areas, as one would expect, because this is a perfect world only in name and there’s a war raging on. Fans of the PC game will recognize Archosaur City and other regions, which were revamped for this updated version, and the ability to fly remains, so you get to explore the world from above, traveling between regions as you please or by quickly teleporting from one location to the next.

As you would expect, the beginning is pretty smooth, as you rescue a poor girl and set out on adventure, occasionally answering some questions that will help forge your personality. This is the time to learn the ropes, get to grips with the various ways of enhancing your equipment, including refining, engraving, socketing soulstones, crafting, and more. I was pleased to see that when you switch to a similar piece of equipment, the refinement level is transferred in the process, so no harm done. But one of your first major achievements is unlocking your flying mount at level 15, enabling you to see the world from above with complete freedom. Needless to say, many quests will require you to reach for the skies and even battle up there in the clouds.

Any fan of MMOs used to play on mobile devices knows for a fact that the auto-play option is no replacement for real human skills. Where it comes to fighting fair and square against other players or even in a group, you must take control of the situation and react with lightning-fast reflexes. Cooperative dungeons, for example, shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it is advised that you directly control your character in order to make the most out of your party’s potential. Apocalypse Valley is a good example – a succession of beasts awaits at the end, each one bigger and nastier than the other, so unless you’re confident that your character level is high enough, you should take heed. The Heavenfall Tower also comes to mind, where every floor brings a new challenge and requests your undivided attention.

There are tons of events, some of them occurring at specific days or hours. A few are automated and deliver a great deal of experience points, such as the odd Paperclip for Villa or Monster Massacre, while many others require your intervention, especially PvP events like The Pinnacle.

I guess we can end these impressions by saying that Perfect World Revolution is a game for fans of the classic MMORPG, but not just for those. Its bold portrait mode approach makes it suited to players who are always in a hurry, so that’s me for sure, and it’s very likely that you’re just the same. I would add that since this IP is growing exponentially in the next few years with the release of related games, this would be a good time for anyone to become familiar with this world of treachery, mayhem, and breathtaking vistas. Remember to pre-register right now to get those rewards increasing and get ready for release in a few weeks.

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