Quantum League Preview – Time Shooter Paradox

Quantum League Preview

Quantum League is the rare kind of arena shooter that isn’t content with creating a few trendy characters, quickly mocking up some arenas, and copying the coolest game modes on the block. Instead, it tries to innovate and build a concept around something that has seldom been seen in any FPS – time travel and paradoxes. If I remember correctly, Timeshift was a flawed but interesting FPS that tried to meddle with time travel, but the years spent in development hell didn’t do it any favors.

On the contrary, Quantum League seems like a much more focused affair, a competitive shooter built around time travel, paradoxes, and team-based gameplay where you cooperate with yourself. Sounds weird? Well, it is, and you’re going to need a while to get to grips with the loop mechanics. But it is also fun and innovative.

Quantum League Preview | Army of Me

Quantum League Preview FPS

The Quantum League closed beta brings six unique characters with an interesting and colorful vibe. Comparisons to Overwatch are in order, although the design lacks the flair that pervades Blizzard’s shooter, the result of decades of experience. Developer Nimble Giant is a much smaller player in the industry, but the Quantum Athletes in this game have a certain style to them as well.

You can participate in 1v1 and 2v2 matches, but don’t let these small numbers fool you – here is a game about you against other player, using the time loop mechanics to strategize and create unpredictable patterns enabling you to turn a game on its head. There are a few game modes and arenas to test your skills, but before that you must grasp the concept in a way that you’re comfortable with the way that you’re shooting your rivals and watching their clones roam around.

Before you step into the arena, you pick one of five weapons: rifle, SMG, grenade launcher, shotgun, and laser beam. Then it’s time for the clash, with three rounds of 15 seconds each to shoot your rival or try to accomplish some other sort of objective such as point capture. When the loop ends, the game rewinds and another loop begins, this time showing your actions alongside your clones, as you try to take down the enemy player and his clones.

Quantum League Preview | Me, Myself, and I

Quantum League Preview Shooter

The core gameplay centers around match loops, with no death meaning the end of the athlete. You can use the health points to regain health or to revive a desynced athlete, ultimately thwarting your rival’s plans. But when another loop starts, you must decide if you go for the main athlete or if you try to eliminate a clone, potentially performing an “unkill.” These actions are crucial to win a match, as the game is wide open until the very end of the battle. Furthermore, you have to watch out for your own actions, as friendly fire is on and highly likely to damage your own plans.

As an example, when you are shot down, you may continue to play and perform something that is called potential actions. If you manage to kill your killer in the next loop, those potential actions will become real since you were able to save your past self. It’s all about time paradoxes and quite a clever gimmick to support a game.

The big question here is if Quantum League will be able to provide long-term entertainment mostly based on this gimmick. The shooting is quite solid and the idea deserves praise, but the arenas seem a bit repetitive – they’re all very similar, both in look and feel, and the people behind this professional sport should at least try to spruce up things a bit.

Nonetheless, Quantum League is an interesting competitive shooter that tries to shake the foundations of the genre. If you like shooters but wouldn’t mind discovering a new and ingenious mechanic once in a while, this is a game that you must try.

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