Revelation Online Assassin class is live with its stylish motorbike mount

Revelation Online Assassin Overview

Revelation Online welcomed its first new class on November 28, the Assassin. Released alongside the Shadowblade update, the Assassin class is available in male and female variants, just as the other classes in Revelation Online.

The full Assassin armor can be pretty impressive, with a beautiful shiny metal look. And the mount that comes with this class is probably one of the most stylish you’ve ever seen in an MMORPG, but more on that later.

The Assassin's school was founded by Night Shadow, a devoted follower of the Yellow Warden, and its purpose is only one: to execute those who are deemed guilty by the warden, regardless if they’re human or demon.

The Assassin area where you will certainly be spending quite a bit of time is the Scorpion Plains, a place only suited for the most lethal mercenaries.

The Assassin’s tool of the trade is the shadow mist technique, and this is the most agile class yet on Revelation Online. This one is going to be an easy favorite for everyone who loves moving fast, shadow-stepping and performing swift combos. The Assassin is also known for his fast-paced combat and the rate at which he dispatches his or her enemies.

A couple of daggers are the Assassin’s main weapon and this class excels at executing single-target assassinations, using their stealth and mobility to move up to his foe. Melee combat is the way of the Assassin, but he also uses a chain for some mid-range attacks. Obviously, this class is perfect to swiftly break the balance in a standoff, but isn’t ideal for the first line of battle, as it is lightly armored and is far from being the most resilient class of the bunch. That armor does look bad-ass, though.

Speaking of bad-ass, the Shadowblade update brings the Assassin but also its mount, the Venom ZX500, a freaking stunning mutated motorbike. There is a questline where you can earn the right to ride this bike, which actually evolves into a flying mount capable of making Batman jealous. Take a look at the short clip below to see just how impressive it looks in action.

One final mention goes to another important feature introduced with the Shadowblade expansion: a class and equipment change option that allows you to transform their current class to another one that you want, which means that you can choose the Assassin class and avoid starting from the very first level.

The Assassin class is probably the most exciting addition that Revelation Online could get after its launch, and many players were desperately asking for it. In our opinion, it’s not just how it changes gameplay, but also because of the visually striking mount, one that will make the Assassin truly shine among its peers.

Have you tried the Assassin class already? And what do you think about the mount? Let us know in the comments.


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