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Alright everyone, it’s time for the big one. The top 10 where you should get the best free MMORPGs to play during this year – pay attention that it’s to play, not released during this year. Maybe you’ve played most of them already, and if so, well done, you have great taste! If not, then definitely try these games as they could entertain you for months, even years.

Clean your hard drive, get a better keyboard and mouse and just have fun! Here’s our Top 10 Best Free MMORPG Games 2017!

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We honestly fear for the future of Wildstar – we’re not kidding, in fact we’re unsure if this MMO will even make it past 2017. Touted as an improvement on World of Warcraft but with a cartoonish sci-fi theme, for some reason Wildstar never got the attention and playerbase it deserved and quickly switched to free to play in a hope to escape from the hell of low sales. Despite the initial boost, it didn’t manage to keep a stable playerbase and NCsoft recently stopped mentioning its numbers in its reports, which means that not many players are sticking around. Nonetheless, Wildstar is a classic but excellent MMORPG with plenty of humour, good visuals, dynamic and fun combat and a game world that could easily entertain you for almost 100 hours. Just play it before someone accidentally trips over it and pulls the plug.


skyforge 10

Skyforge is one of the biggest undertakings in the MMORPG genre in the latest years and as usual, there’s always a lot of spiteful hate going on without properly complimenting its many qualities. The diverse classes and the way that you can switch between them on-the-fly, thus changing the combat style anytime you want, or the top notch graphics and effects, as well as the aforementioned combat, which is fluid and fun. While Skyforge was considered very grindy and repetitive, most MMORPGs are just like that, but the Ascension update somewhat lessened the grind. Something that could get on your nerves if you’re of the especially competitive kind are the limitations in place, but if you just want to enjoy a bit of the game each day before moving on to other games or chores, then this won’t be a problem to you. Skyforge could be summed in just a few words: stunning MMORPG that some will love (casuals) and others will hate (veterans). A PlayStation 4 version is coming in 2017, so the game definitely has some fans.



It may seem a bit early to properly judge MU Legend based on the merits of the global version alone, which at this time is about to enter the second closed beta before making the jump to open beta, but we’re confident this is a good one, as we’ve tried the Korean version before. It’s a nice dungeon crawler that is competent, good looking and first and foremost fun to play, something that the genre desperately needs to be, otherwise it’s just you clicking into oblivion. With four classes and a fifth one possibly coming with the open beta, it still needs to grow and get frequent content updates as the previous builds seemed a bit easy to go through – but hey, for everyone out there always complaining about what a grind these games usually are, complaining about the exact opposite seems a bit mental, don’t you think?



Wow, talk about early, right? Bless Online should be unleashed onto western territories during 2017 but we bet some of you are thinking that it may actually never happen – maybe if Aeria Games was a bit better at communicating, we wouldn’t fear so much for the fate of the game as we did when the official website was down for AN ENTIRE MONTH. Anyway, let’s keep positive and hope that this MMORPG makes it all the way from Korea in mint condition, hopefully with the revamped combat that Aeria Games said the developers were working on. Russian players are already enjoying it, so we’re a bit jealous about the extra time that it’s taking for it to come to North America and Europe. Oh, and for you two who don’t know what Bless Online is, this is a visually stunning MMORPG with somewhat classic, tried-and-tested gameplay, but it includes some impressive architecture inspired by medieval Europe that just has to be seen.



If you didn’t like Blade & Soul and other fantasy martial arts MMOs then Revelation Online won’t change your mind. It’s pretty much inspired by what came before and while it’s fast and flashy, it’s not groundbreaking or a game that will stick with you for years and years. That being said, it’s certainly one of the big profile releases of recent years for fans of MMORPG, and with its detailed customization options (no gender-locked classes, thankfully), seamless world, permanent flight and some crazy mounts, including one that can carry 50 players simultaneously, there’s a lot to enjoy. Revelation Online and Blade & Soul will certainly be the two best MMORPGs of its genre during 2017, but when Moonlight Blade launches in the west as it was already confirmed, competition will surely heat up.

5 – TERA


What else can we say about TERA that we haven’t already said over the last couple of years? It still remains as one of the prime examples of action combat in MMORPGs and while it was released in 2011, still sees updates in a frequency that would turn even the latest big game jealous. New dungeons, character and zone revamps, events and much more keep veteran players busy and new players petrified in the face of an incredible amount of content. And that combat, there’s something addictive about it, with the fast reactions, dodges and the emphasis on teamwork to take down the big ass monsters.



ArcheAge is this, ArcheAge is that” … Yes, ArcheAge is a lot of things, some of them bad, but all of the parts contribute to make a great package, definitely one of the best sandbox MMORPGs around. There’s so much to explore, to see and do… You can build your house, go straight to jail, sail across the huge ocean, craft so many things and enjoy the fairly competent combat. There’s so much depth that it can drive you crazy. Sure, there’s the eternal discussion of it being pay-to-win, but to us ArcheAge is just one of those pay-to-advance-faster kind of games, and eventually we’ll always stumble across some overpowered players in any game, either because they paid for it or they had too much free time on their hands.  You can definitely play and enjoy ArcheAge to max level without paying for a thing (but don’t forget to support the good games) and if you can play with a few friends, the experience will be even better. The ArcheAge 3.0 added even more content to the game and improved what was already a great MMORPG.



Blade & Soul is a great fantasy martial arts epic and each time we stress this out, we need to remember ourselves that NCsoft delayed the western release of this game for… what? At least two or three years? It’s like the studio doesn’t want any money from North American and European players. Anyway, Blade & Soul shines because of its amazing, original and sometimes very provocative art style, but also because it has a decent story to go through, something that not many MMORPGs are able to brag about. PvP isn’t bad either, it’s actually a lot of fun and for once, there’s a lot of skill at play and not just smashing the abilities keys.


Path of Exile Ascendancy

So, is Path of Exile and MMO or not? Honestly, no. It’s more of an online action RPG that is played online on persistent servers with thousands of other players, but due to the focus on instances and the limit of player numbers in one area, the term doesn’t exactly apply. No matter what, Path of Exile’s gameplay and style fits nicely along other games of the genre such as Marvel Heroes or Lost Ark and we wouldn’t make an MMO list without including it just because of some technicalities. And also because it’s a damn fine game, one of the best free-to-play games for several years already, with one of the fairest uses of the business model ever and a ton of content to play. The experience will get even better when the Fall of Oriath expansion launches in Summer 2017, ditching the do-it-again style of the campaign and instead going for a straightforward, ten-act campaign. You owe it to yourself to play Path of Exile if you’ve ever heard the word “Diablo” in your life.


guild wars 2 1

Guild Wars 2 is, right now, the best experience you can get from a free MMORPG overall. It’s a hugely entertaining MMO with a lot to explore, it’s an extremely appealing game without throwing a lot of weird or new systems at your face, and it feels like what you’re exploring is actually a living, breathing world and not just a bunch of placeholders for you to hang around. You move around and things are happening, you take part, see the consequences, classes are versatile and combat is engaging and fun. You’ll spend months playing Guild Wars 2 and by this we’re just talking about the free core experience, as the expansions – just one for now, Heart of Thorns – have to be purchased, but we’ll be damned if this isn’t the least you could do to continue enjoying the experience that is Guild Wars 2.

As you may have guessed already, creating such a top is far from being an easy task, so we’ll have to leave some suggestions at the end. You could try DC Universe Online if you’re a fan of superheroes, or if you like sci-fi you could try Star Wars: The Old Republic, an MMO with a good storyline, but beware of some heavy limitations. EVE Online now includes a free mode but locks you out of a lot of stuff, so you should know that before jumping into your ship. Then there are the old but good Rift (also one with paid expansions) and Aion, and Neverwinter for Dungeons & Dragons fans, which isn’t perfect but is very entertaining. We’ll round this up with Black Desert Online, an awesome MMORPG which isn’t free, but there’s a 7-day trial right now and at $5 USD without monthly subscriptions, it’s almost a steal.

Let us know what games you would add to the top 10 and which ones you would remove because reasons. Have fun and until next time!

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