Top 10 Free MMO Games Like Minecraft 2014~2015

By now you should know how it goes: Notch made Minecraft, Minecraft made millions and many others wanted to make something like Minecraft. So now we have quite a lot of games that look like it and try to play like it at some level. And you probably know how Notch took inspiration from InfiniMiner to make Minecraft too, so it’s all a big merry, me-too family. All the games in this list are free – or in the case of MapleStory 2, highly likely to be free – so there’s that rule to this Top 10 Free MMO Games Like Minecraft 2014-2015.

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8BitMMO is just a cute little game; we have to put it out there. It’s a retro-style 2D sandbox MMO with a persistent world, lots of stuff to create and… hats, plenty of hats. You can build houses, castles, dungeons, team up with other players and kill enemies such as lawyercats. There are also some nice humor touches here and there. It’s a game that is very easy to grasp and quite fun to play with a bunch of friends.



Roblox has been around for so long that many players probably don’t know that it was one of the first free-to-play virtual worlds where users could create their own content. Something similar appeared not long ago – GameGlobe from Square Enix, but that ended up as a disaster due to the need to pay to do anything properly and so it shut down not long after opening. Anyway, Roblox is now over a decade old and is still offering players the chance to build detailed game worlds and challenges. It is aimed at kids but anyone can really enjoy it, honestly.



Brick Force is a game where you build the stages and then blow them to pieces with your weapons! It’s a first person shooter with a colorful and silly aesthetic, but the game is more fun than it has any right to be. Part of what makes it so interesting is that the FPS aspect is actually pretty decent and solid, so it’s not just using a gimmick – the map building with blocks – and gluing it to one of the most popular genres out there. It’s one for very short bursts but a nice game overall, one that could inspire others to take the concept to the next level.



Minetest is the closest you’ll get to the actual Minecraft without actually playing Minecraft, if you know what we mean. It looks and feels just like Notch’s hit but it’s completely free and actively in development. If you’re thinking about a reason to play Minetest instead of Minecraft besides the fact that it is free, then here’s one: it’s open source, so you can use exciting mods that add plenty of fun stuff to the game and if you’re willing to do it, you can see how the code works, learn it and do stuff yourself in this game. Some famous developers began their careers doing stuff like this and then went to work on Valve and other major studios, as you surely know.



Cubic Castles is described as Minecraft meets Animal Crossing, although the main character looks like the one from Fez, in our opinion. But what matters is that the game looks cute, should run well in lower specifications, has a nice social focus and it’s not just about building stuff, there’s some platforming challenges involved, if you want to get into something more exciting now and then. There’s no combat involved or any kind of PvP at the time we did this top, so it’s just a relaxed, fun experience where you can let your imagination run wild.



Robocraft is one original beast, but as it happens with all the original ideas, there’s always some way of decomposing their elements. In this case the formula is simple: Lego (or Minecraft) meets World of Tanks. While in theory it’s all good, developing such a game could be a true balancing nightmare but the result is a great game, one that is still improving quite a bit and surprising us at every battle. Players get to create their own war machines with a bunch of blocks and several props, and then it’s off to the battlefield to see how it behaves. You can go by land or air, but the way you build your vehicle influences its defensive and offensive abilities, as well as movement type. Robocraft is fun as heck and one extremely ingenious game.



Trove is in the works at Trion Worlds, the studio that is bringing ArcheAge to the West. The Minecraft inspiration is obvious, but it’s Cube World that takes the cake here – the two games could almost be siblings. However, in Trove the colors seem a bit too garish and character design is also a bit divisive, somewhat cluttered; at first it seems to lack the charm and cutesy that makes the Cube World characters so appealing, but once you play a bit and get used to it, it’s actually a very decent aesthetic. So, give Trove a chance even if you’re not too fond of the visuals and you’ll discover a very rich, very addictive game. Looks aren’t everything, as they usually say.


maplestory 2 2

The first MapleStory has been around for, what, 130 years, give or take, and it’s still going strong, apparently. But Nexon had to go one day and say “damn, it will never die, so today is the day we start working on a sequel”. And so MapleStory 2 is born. It took quite some brainstorming to settle on the isometric view, but we’re guessing that the most challenging decision was the one of making most of the game world out of cubes. Some players like it, as we do, but a few just can’t swallow the change. We’re very excited about the user content possibilities that this brings, and it looks like the chibi Diablo hack and slash gameplay has some bite to it, especially with those awesome boss encounters. The inclusion of several crazy minigames and plenty of dancing is the icing on this square cake. We’re pretty confident MapleStory 2 will get a global release, so we’re counting the days to the official announcement.


fortnite 1

With Fortnite, Epic Games tries to marry the building aspect of Minecraft with the cute cartoon graphics and action that we all know and love from Team Fortress 2. This fusion has all the ingredients to end up as a great game: Epic Games’ experience, the tried and tested build and shoot formula and the Unreal Engine 4 flexibility. There are plenty of crazy traps to use and a nice level of destructibility to the environments. It’s one of those games where every session is potentially different from the previous one. Battles can be pretty chaotic too, with lots of shooting and slashing and explosions, special effects everywhere!


everquest next 5

EverQuest Next Landmark, which later became plain and simple Landmark is Sony Online’s reimagining of the popular franchise and the first of two games that are intrinsically connected. Landmark is shaping up to be quite a beast of a game, featuring incredible building tools that already spawned some astonishing constructions. But it’s not just about building, one of the patches added combat to the game so it’s turning into a full-fledged MMORPG experience. When Sony is done with Landmark, we’ll have to ask them this question: what do they plan to do with the second game, EverQuest Next, supposedly the main dish in this new undertaking? Are we alone in thinking that one single, huge game would be better than having two games, something that may confuse the less attentive player? Whatever your opinion is, Landmark is more than a game, it’s a tool where you can realize some of your wildest architectural dreams.

So there it is – as you probably noticed, we didn’t go for the dozens of straight-out Minecraft clones. Well, except for Minetest, but we wanted to get you a free alternative to the classic game. We’re happy to see that most of the games on this top have their own ambition and aren’t just copying Minecraft. Anyway, is there other game you think that should be on this list? As usual, Let us know in the comments.

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