Top 10 Free Sexy MMORPGs & Online Games

top 10 sexy adult mmorpgs

We know a bunch of you players out there like their MMO characters with something that is… what's its name… Oh, right, FEMALE! There's nothing wrong with it, on the contrary, as there's nothing wrong with innocent nudity — we were all born without clothes, remember? There's probably footage or photos of that somewhere, ask your parents about it. We all have nipples, but society still has this problem with the human body, something mostly portrayed in movies and videogames. Sure, it's OK to torture a person or even a poor animal, but showing a nipple? Hell no! Way to go, world!

We decided to select some games where there's a bit of skin or sensuality on display. And if you're going to comment on this subject saying how disgusting it is, give it some thought again while you're mercilessly shooting dozens of characters on Call of Duty or watching one of the Saw movies. Logic, right?

NOTE: The ranking in this top is based on the sexyness at display, not on the overall quality of the games.



Let’s get this out of the way – Second Life isn’t properly sexy, unless you like your characters blocky and outdated. But since this is a game – or better, a virtual world – where you can do an incredible amount of things and some of them are too spicy to mention here, let’s say this is definitely an MMO with an adult tone. Just don’t expect much action here – and by that we mean the kill X things, defeat boss kind of action.

9 – AION


Those Koreans may like their grind a bit too much for us Westerners, but they definitely have a bright future as fashion stylists. With one of the best character creation systems out there, Aion mixes some beautiful characters with fine, tasteful clothes and armor. It’s easy to create a character that looks amazing from the beginning – and by this we don’t mean barely dressed. It’s a question of style.


C9 Continent of the Ninth Seal

Fast-paced and flashy action combat is always better when you can have a sexy character kicking some serious butt. Continent of the Ninth Seal, or C9, is a great looking action game with some very detailed characters. Definitely capable of delivering a good avatar and includes the now mandatory chest slider – to max or not to max, that is the question.


Along with EverQuest Next, this is the MMORPG we’re looking forward the most. But besides all the features, the female characters in Black Desert just look amazingly detailed, and not in that revealing manner. They just look good, sexy and attractive in all the right ways, showcasing the feminine beauty just the way games should. Well, we’re yet to see the character creator and the advanced armor, which ironically usually shows more skin the higher your level is, but we have faith in a display of good taste here. No word on jiggly boobs yet, for those of you who are wondering about it.


Although customization in Vindictus is very limited at first, those who are willing to spend some money in the cash shop will make some truly amazing characters. And by this we mean heavily armored female warriors or, on the other hand, wearing sexy lingerie. Developer DevCat surely knows how to create beautiful characters and puts the Source engine to great use, including armor breaking and the now standard jiggly boobs.


tera rising

Although Tera has its fair share of skin on display, that isn’t what makes this game so appealing to male players. It’s the outstanding art design that makes the female characters in Tera incredibly beautiful to look at, even if they’re mostly clothed. It’s one of those rare MMORPGs that dare to have some good taste to go with all the sexiness.



Age of Conan didn’t quite live up to Funcom’s promises of an adult world filled wiht violence and sex. Well, they were right on the first part, but the game didn’t do complete justice to the work of Robert E. Howard. Age of Conan still features a few topless NPCs but the fastest way for the player to see some nipples is by creating a female character and removing her clothes – there’s a g-string though, so it’s not full nudity. Anyway, this is a topic that has been debated quite a lot by Age of Conan players over the years.


Blade & Soul features some truly stunning art design and while the characters look more waxed than a brand new top of the line car, there’s this amazing style to them that very few games, if any at all, manage to match so far. It’s easy to create a character that while is anime at heart, still sports plenty of human features to appeal even to those who don’t exactly love the genre.


Released in 2011, Kabod Online is a fantasy MMORPG that includes the revolutionary – so to speak – feature shared with Vindictus: the armor damage system. Only in this game it is used to its fullest. So, for example, if you’re controlling this female mage that just happens to sport a very generous chest, she may just run around with it all bare for a while. The same happens to NPC creatures and you may even loot the panties of some of them, so you’ll get plenty of ‘yeeew!’ moments in this game.


The number one was pretty obvious, right? Scarlet Blade is a game with a full female cast of characters and all of them packing some serious heat. And they have guns too. Anyway, there are a lot of skimpy bikinis, boob bouncing and even lingerie unsealers so you can admire your character in all its inflated glory. Some say Scarlet Blade is trash created to lure horny teenagers with large wallets, while others stand by it, defending its proper gameplay mechanics. A male class, the Chaser, is already available in the Korean version, but oddly enough, he wears a full armor. So much for appealing to the ladies…

There you go, it wasn’t that bad, right? It’s all virtual anyway, so it’s all good, clean, safe entertainment for mature players. Any other sexy free to play MMOs you would like to point out, you know what to do – leave them in the comments. That’s it for now, and remember: nipple isn’t a curse word.

Guild Wars 2 best MMORPG


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  • Allan

    anyone could recommend browser games in the same style (sexy content) of these? thank you

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 8.4/10 (12 votes cast)
  • Fitz D. Jackson III

    …ok… has anyone acturally TRIED to run one of these? how about reviewing a copy from the website instead of what u’re given?

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 7.8/10 (4 votes cast)
  • Wompa

    Scarlet Blade and Kabod are terrible, and Vindictus tries to get you to buy every dumb little thing.

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 6.9/10 (9 votes cast)
  • Greg

    Hot Candy Land is sure out there to compete in the adult category

    Bit more based on old lula & larry games thou

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 5.3/10 (16 votes cast)
  • Fred Madrid

    Well, if Second Life is here…like a mmorpg, then Twinity should be the first one.

    In Twinity you can have “sexual actions” , I mean not only to see a tit. I mean.. you can have real cibersex if you want with avatars.

    No killings in Twinity either. But you can learn to build in 3D with Trimble Sketchup, and this is a lot more adictive.

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 5.7/10 (6 votes cast)
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  • Josette Quintessa

    Second Life has beds with animations so you can engage in sex. There are also dance Poles that allow you to dance on them. When you remove your clothing if you have a premium skin then you will show nipples, pubic hair, labia. And to top it off, it has a working economy. I myself used to be a dancer and escort. After putting $20 into the game it allowed me to buy everything I needed. I have Not spend a dime in 5 years. I do not Play it as much anymore. But all in all…if what you want is a Game that is sexy..Play one of the others. if you want cybersex….Play Second Life..

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 7.8/10 (6 votes cast)
    • freemmostation

      Great way to put things! Thank you for your nice detailing of Second Life 🙂

      VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
      Rating: 7.0/10 (10 votes cast)
  • Bill

    Tera’s graphics are indeed nice to look at. But their gm’s and their gm’s attitudes stink. They act like their sh** don’t stink and the rest of us are just stupid trash. Otherwise it’s a good game. Just don’t trust their purchasing agent either, they attempted to juke me out of $40.00 from the start.

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 8.3/10 (6 votes cast)
  • cityhunter

    For the record,second life is much more than what is described here,they are plenty of adult sims sex oriented,strip clubs,nude beach,bdsm,orgy,rape, and many other kinky and dark twisted type of sexual activities,there is free very decent good looking avatars for customize and functional genitals,thats a bit of the sex part of SL, the other big part of SL is that the world is created by the residents,there is not limit on what you can create and you can even make REAL MONEY of it, oh and about that “non killing x thing” mentioned in this article is pure BS,inside sl there is a lot of sims were they play rpg games whit combat systems for pvp and npcs whit meters for life, mana, spells levels etc, there is even WOW sim in there! or you can go to zombie infested places and storm your way trough,all the famous stuff and characters of tv, movies and real life are represented in second life, and much more. Its the N1 of this list have all that? NOT EVEN CLOSER!

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 4.0/10 (3 votes cast)
  • Karmayogi

    i m sorry, but that is too much for me adn my kids yo.
    how am i supposed to play a game, when most of my blood never comes even near my brain? eh?!
    gotta say, its not about shoving a nippel, but dress like a slut (turth.) and move like one, is what slutness is about imho.
    i wanna point out that aion is not such a slutgame! ;P

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 4.8/10 (6 votes cast)
  • Karmayogi

    also woman are not as strong as men, make a show about that guys!
    shitstorm incomming 😀

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 3.9/10 (7 votes cast)
  • kia sahraee

    please free download scarlet blade in page

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 4.8/10 (4 votes cast)
  • SerialDollface

    Just to add to one of the previous comments about TERA, I do agree that the GM’s attitudes suck, (And I’ll add that the way the American culture clashed with the original lore is kinda off-putting, too.) but it’s still a great game. On the other hand, I disagree with the statement about their purchasing agent. I’ve been playing for years, and I’ve probably put a couple hundred dollars into the game, and it’s was worth it. The shining feature for the game, at least for me, is that it’s not a pay-to-win game, it’s a pay-to-dress-up-and-have-cool-mounts-and-pets game. Plus the action combat, just can’t go wrong. xD

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)
    • freemmostation

      It’s refreshing to see someone say that they enjoyed Tera and that they spent a couple hundred dollars on it, instead of the usual “it’s pay to win, don’t play it!” kind of thing. Well done for a perfectly balanced criticism and for rewarding the devs for their work.

      VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
      Rating: 5.5/10 (2 votes cast)
  • Lorelei

    You have obviously not been on Second Life of late….The Avatars have come a really long way…With the new mesh bodies out there…..things have gotten really hot…

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)
    • Shiro Kūhaku

      id hope lol, A LOT of us creators work our asses off

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
      Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)
  • adsurkasur

    Scarlet Blade is closed

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)
  • Andika Dwi

    Scarlet Blade is R.I.P

    but that most crazy 90% nude girls

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)
  • eduu klee

    we all want more asian games with half naked beauties D; its such a shame that scarlet blade had such a bad reputation so that creators will think twice before making another sexualized game like that..

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)
  • Michael DFirenze

    I have played everyone and stll can’t find a really good and deep MMORPG Adult game, they all have sex tweaks but nothing crazy. Aside from Scarlet Blade but the problem with it was the real boring gameplay.
    There was one called *VENUS RISING* but the devs had problems and they delay the game without release date, really a shame.

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)
  • Ben

    i just want a decent mmo game with huge boob characters and boob sliders

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)
    • Jason Bowman

      I always like larger butts on my female characters espicaly if the camera follows behind them as I’m running forward but yea larger boobage action is welcomed to. I miss the old playstation game DOA it had sexy jiggly fighting ladies.

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
      Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)
      • Jason Bowman

        opps that one wasn’t a MMORPG but programers could learn from it, with updated graphics of course.

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        Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)
  • Samandra Khandr

    Ok, for clarification Second Life is NOT a game, games have levels, bosses to kill, enemies and so many other things that are not an integral part of Second Life. Second Life is a Virtual World in which you can do pretty much anything you want, and be pretty much ANYONE/ANYTHING you want. While it’s true that you CAN play games in Second Life, that doesn’t make Second Life itself a game anymore so than other Virtual Environments. I guess it’s more like a ‘Sandbox’ Environment combined with an Instant Messaging Client, and Groups (essentially like chatrooms). It also has a Social Media element through the website. Where SL residents can share their experiences in SL in much the same way as people use Facebook or other social media sites. But to repeat, it’s not a game itself, but as stated can HOST games of various types thanks to a complex scripting language that can be used to create virtual weapons, combat HUDs, and many other attachments that may be used with various gaming systems in SL.

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)
    • TheTsar68

      A game has achivmets: Secondlife has achivments.
      a game has levels; second life has levels.
      I have played The sins, fotball manager and civilization for years and still not found a boss to kill. Are they not games?

      If by a game you mean WoW and nothing else then yes you are right. secondlifeis not a game. but ehn again magic the gathering is not a game eighter, neighter is poker or Chess.

      Just because you dont understand the complexity of secondlife doe snot mean t is not a game.
      It has everything any other game has, and more.
      You want to figtht a boss. You find one in diffrent games in Second life.
      You want to level up, take on a HUD and join one of the MMORPGs in secondlife and you will find levels. You can choose, fantasy type, Si-Fi type or historical types, they are all there. And thats only the ones i have found.
      So please tell me again why Secondlife is not a game. And i ewill tell you a 10 other games that lack what you say makes second life not a game.

      And dont say “It is not in the main box” so it is not part of the game. Thats like saying lego is not a toy becvause you have to build it first. Secojnd life is what you make it to be, and thats the beauty of it.

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
      Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)
      • StygianRenegade

        Again, to reiterate. Secondlife is NOT a game. There are sims that are served up by the client that have game elements however that does not make SecondLife in itself a game. There are no levels, no bosses no nothing. It is a Virtual World where people do what they want and they make the rules. SecondLife is just the window.

        VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
        Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)
        • TheTsar68

          there is a lot of games that then ios not games: In general only MMO RPGs on the engine of WoW is games.
          -Fotball manager (the most sold computer game of all times) does not have levels or bosses. You say it is not a game.
          -Civilization series (Another game who has been around for a long lonmg time and is hugely considered one of the best games ever made) doe snot have levels or bosses.
          -Minecraft doe snot have levels or bosses.
          -Flatout does not have levels or bosses.
          -FIFA, NHL, NBA and madden fanchise does not have levels or bosses.
          tropico franchise dont have leveling or bosses.

          As i said only WoW and other games built like that has bosses and leveling like that, so you make 99% of all games not games.

          and WoW only have levels if you logg in to the servers, just like you have to logg in to certain servers on Secondlife to find the same. so you basically have egg in your face.

          You dont like Secondlife because you dont understand the complexity, thats fine. but why hate thoose who have an IQ high enough to enjoy it?

          VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
          Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)
          • Victor Ray Rutledge

            NHL, NBA, and the like are based on the ‘boss’ system. Nobody competes to lose. Every year some team is ‘number one’ and vast amounts of time/money are spent on achieving that goal. Football Manager is a game of constant battle, trying to win, against everyone. The ‘Boss’ is whomever is ahead of you, and you’ll spend hours trying to make your team the next ‘boss’ for others to try and beat. You can’t find a ‘game’ without someone/something to beat, and Flatout is a game of competition, in which you try to beat other players in a race. Levels are the car you drive. You fail to see that any environment where you do not compete, in anything, is not what is called a game. Sims is not properly a game, because it has no real competition. Only contests, like Civilization, or Chess, or Checkers, are games. Even Solitare, a single person game, is played to win, and for no other reason. When you have a chatroom, and people engaging in activities where no one is the winner, like much of Second Life, it becomes a social media, or social interaction activity. It may contain games, where one can compete, and become ‘higher level’ but for some it is only a place to ‘hook up’ or have an experience with online sex. In some cases, it’s a meeting place, and real interaction occurs, in others, nothing real takes place, it’s all fantasy. That, while engaging and enjoyable, in not a game, by any definition. When you can’t win or lose, it isn’t a game.

            VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
            Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)
  • Redd Reddfredwing

    you know this is sad cause i love rpg’s and mmorpgs…but it got me thinking and this is to all of you people who commented on this post and all those who might see it…im thinking bout making a vrmmorpg or jus a mmorpg and im in need of people who would want to help make one tweet me @theREDDFREDWING or msg me on fb and we can talk bout making a mmorpg that has what almost every gamer is looking for in a mmorpg. well peace im out

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    Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)
  • Isaac Guiste

    I play Secondlife, have my own homes, member of many RP communities and all. It is a virtual world for sure 🙂 but some of the games there are more based upon roleplaying rather than an actual set story like you see on consoles. So sort of speak you can basically have a game there constantly changing and evolving or hitting crisis or joy at any given time just like real life. What I love aboit SL it’s virtual realsim and how one can be in more than one role at the same time.

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)