Top 5 reasons to be excited for Rise of Incarnates

It’s not very common to stumble across a good fighting game when we’re talking about free-to-play. Besides a few PvP arena games, there’s nothing even remotely comparable to Tekken or SoulCalibur. Well, there’s SoulCalibur Lost Swords, but that is far from a good game and is busier loading than being played. It’s funny that we’re talking about Bandai Namco games, since our focus is the upcoming brawler from the Japanese studio: Rise of Incarnates. There’s quite a bit to be excited about this game (take a look at our Rise of Incarnates first look gameplay video, if you haven't already), even at this stage of development – so, fighting fans, join us as we go through our top five very good reasons to keep an eye out for it.

Bandai Namco’s Tekken and SoulCalibur experience

There aren’t many studios known for having a great fighting game series, let alone two. Tekken and SoulCalibur have been around for quite a while and many players still have fond memories of the first games. While Rise of Incarnates isn’t exactly the same game as any of the above, knowing that it’s the same studio working on it gives us the necessary confidence to anticipate great clashes. It is two decades of experience put at test in this game and we’re hoping that, in the end, it shows.

2v2 Battles

In Rise of Incarnates you’re not just fighting against another player – you have a partner to help you out, arrange strategies and execute some truly badass combos on unsuspicious enemies. This adds another layer to the gameplay and guarantees that something is always happening in the arena even if you’re just lying low for a bit while you rethink your strategy. You’re not alone, so you have to act like a true team if you want to defeat your enemies. Obviously, the more chain moves you manage to do, the more health you’ll suck out of the opposing team – usually all in a pretty awesome manner, with characters flying all over the place.

3D Arenas

Fighting games with a fixed 2D perspective are all good and well, but there’s nothing like having full 3D control of the characters. Rise of Incarnates allows you to do so, even adding some nice verticality to the mix. It’s like taking the dynamic movement of games such as Nosgoth or Battlecry and making it mostly about the melee part. Sure, there is way more than melee in this game, but it’s still a fighting game at heart, as Bandai Namco describes it, with the 3D arenas taking the action one step further. Locations known so far are Paris, London, New York and San Francisco, always with a destroyed version of a landmark, such as Times Square or the Arc de Triomphe.

Crazy cast of characters

At the time we’re making this, Rise of Incarnates has a cast of six characters revealed, each one crazier than the other. Jedrek, for instance, turns into the demonic and violence-prone Mephistopheles, while Dr. Gasper can turn into the Grim Reaper and command a zombie horde. Erendira Quinn can use a Tron-like cycle to wreak havoc and Kruger pilots a multi-legged tank to bring his egotistic worldwide revolution to good terms – his terms. We truly hope Bandai Namco can keep on improving this crazy roster and surprise us with stuff we’ve never seen in a fighting game.


Hey, we have nothing against a bit of fan-service in our fighting games, in fact we’re all for it – as long as the game is good, we’re cool! Mireia is shaping up to be one of the fan favorites, don’t you agree?


Now, we’re a bit worried about balancing all these very different fighters, but the developer surely has the track record to handle such a task. Hopefully this will be a little bit better than Anarchy Reigns, for example. It has all the potential to be, so fingers crossed. Are you excited for this game?

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