Top 5 reasons you should play Kritika Online

kritika online western release top 5 reasons

Well, hello there! It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally being treated to a Kritika Online western release, thanks to TERA publisher En Masse Entertainment. North American and European players are already enjoying the official English version of this anime brawler and in our opinion this free online game stood the test of time with top grades.  Quite a feat for a game that began making the rounds in South Korea during 2012.

So, in this day and age, what makes the Kritika Online western release worth bothering with for all of us? Actually, quite a few things. Let’s see in our Top 5 reasons to play Kritika Online.

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Relentless action

In a time where 99% of the MMORPGs can’t get even close to something such as true action combat – despite claiming that they are indeed action combat –, we have to turn our attention to other tighter, more restricted online games for a good taste of furious, relentless button mashing action. Kritika Online is a perfect example of that, a game where combat is the main feature, the first and possibly the only reason that should convince a player to try this game. Kritika Online is all about chaining skills to create crazy, explosive combos and devastate a handful of enemies in the blink of an eye. It is Devil May Cry, it is Bayonetta, but obviously with less scope and lesser production values. And yet, you probably won’t notice it when you’re slaying a mechanical warbot or a big angry dummy in a flurry of points and multi-kills. While the first couple of hours may seem like a stroll in the park, albeit with a hefty dose of punching and kicking, soon you’ll notice how the challenge is ramping up and you’ll need to get your shit straight, especially if you increase the difficulty level to suit your skill. This is what Kritika Online has to offer, and it does the job perfectly.

All killer, no filler

Kritika Online is a brawler. Period. Sure, you hang around some safe zones improving your equipment, accepting quests and all that stuff, but in its heart Kritika just wants you to punch stuff. You won’t lose yourself wandering around, you won’t spend a lot of time going from A to B, your task is clear. Kritika Online is all killer, no filler, and this is the kind of game that delivers exactly what you expect. In fact, this is a game that isn’t aiming to be your main MMO, it’s more of a nice way to kill some time in-between the big names such as Guild Wars 2, TERA, Revelation Online or perhaps Bless Online. No, wait, not that one, things are looking grim for that one after Aeria Games canceled the Bless Online western release. Anyway, play this on the side of your major MMORPG, an hour or so now and then, and it shouldn’t overstay its welcome. Yes, it can and it will become repetitive, but this is a fun game to take in small doses and if you want a break from the campaign, you can always dive into skill-based PvP, which includes 1v1 and 3v3, as well as a couple more game modes.

One of a kind… sort of

With the free MMORPG genre becoming less prominent due to the high production costs and diminishing returns, developers have turned to other genres in the hope of finding a profitable spot. That’s why we’ve seen a flood of MOBA games and lately it was a succession of collectible card games, a trend that is still going strong with names such as Gwent, The Elder Scrolls: Legends or Fable Fortune. For some reason, very few studios have opted for a genre that has quite a few fans and seems to be in demand: the online brawler. Kritika Online is such a game and its instanced, no bullshit gameplay is clearly inspired by previous games such as Dragon Nest or Vindictus. SoulWorker Online is probably the highlight of the genre that fans are mostly waiting for, and since the wait seems to be long – Gameforge hasn’t talked about the SoulWorker western release for quite some time –, Kritika Online is the perfect game to bridge the gap. And we would rather play one good brawler than twenty MOBAs or CCGs, making this Kritika Online western release a good call from the TERA publisher.

Catchy anime visuals

For a game that is already available for over five years, Kritika still looks pretty nice. Sure, things up close don’t look great and the textures clearly show their age, but if you pull the camera away to the comfortable playing spot, it looks pretty decent and serviceable. There’s a visible difference between the detailed playable classes and bosses when in comparison with the bland mobs and mostly sparse environments, but all of it moves at a nice pace and the animations are well composed. All in all, Kritika Online doesn’t look outdated and the Kritika Online western release is still very welcome.

Jiggle physics

Yes, it has those. Oh, come on, just admit that you like to stare at the close-ups at the end of each stage, or even doing some zooming when things are a bit quieter. We could be wrong, but our guess is that most players will at least once try the Reaper and the Rogue classes to contemplate the jiggling boobs. There, we’ve said it.

These were our Top 5 reasons to play Kritika Online, summing up what this game has on offer.  It’s naturally far from perfect, but still manages to be a very entertaining, fast-paced online action game, and the Kritika Online western release was long due.


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