Top Sexy Female Characters in Free MMORPG Games 2014

Alright, so a while ago we did a Top 10 Sexy/Adult MMO Games but bear with us, this one is kind of different. Sort of. Different as in there’s no real nudity involved in these games, unless you work your way around, but that’s not the point. Also, while some games go for a more realistic approach, others are just over the top, exaggerated and far from what a real, beautiful woman is, so take that into account. Anyway, games.

So, if you like to contemplate the female characters in MMORPGs, then here are 12 of the best examples of the kind. In no specific order, here is our Top Sexy Female Characters in Free MMO Games video.

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blade and soul 1

Blade & Soul’s art design gives exaggeration its true meaning. The work of renowned artist Hyung Tae Kim and one of the prettiest games around, Blade & Soul goes all impossibly long legs and large chests and it just looks, quite frankly, amazing. The artistic value is undeniable in the entire game, but it’s the way that the female characters look and move that grabs the most attention. The character creation system is one tool where players will lose quite a few hours – it’s even possible to recreate male or female celebrities, if you possess the talent and perseverance.


kingdom under fire 2_3

Among the three current classes in Kingdom Under Fire 2, the Spellsword somehow managed to catch the eye of a lot of male players. We’re pretty sure the fact that the frequently showcased costume, a very revealing outfit, had something to do with it. While there’s no way to change the Spellsword’s body features – at least during beta –, we do get a dozen or so costumes that range from the most revealing to others that are way more discreet, but sexy anyway. So this is a character that is able to please both crowds: those who like to wear light clothing and those who prefer a sexy but fully dressed character.


tera rising 1

Tera is one of the most beautiful MMORPGs out there overall, from the environments to the bosses and playable characters. The character creation isn’t properly in-depth but it’s good enough to make a unique avatar. However, the characters shine through their armor, which is truly imaginative and goes to both ends of the spectrum: full armor or scantily clad. If you’re not one to play as a female and are adamant about it, this imagination extends to all races, from human males to the huge Baraka or the cute, nature-loving Popori.



For what we’ve gathered so far, Bless won’t bring anything particularly new or overly exciting to the MMORPG world. However, one thing that no one can deny is that it looks stunning. It’s like Tera but much, much better, with a detail for both environment and characters that has rarely seen before in the genre. Neowiz also likes to showcase the visuals in the game by pushing forward the female characters, exaggerating their sexiness with an extremely provocative way of walking. It’s not realistic, but the result is surely getting worldwide attention.



In Vindictus, classes and characters are one and the same, so you only get to pick between male or female, you can’t change that. Fiona, Evie, Vella and the latest female character, Lynn, are all slightly exaggerated but still fairly realistic in an unbelievable fit kind of way. You can, of course, change her physique by tinkering with the few sliders available. But what makes Vindictus’ characters look even more awesome is the clothing and armor, a great showcase of the artist’s talent.



Aion has a dreamy character creation system that allows you to make pretty much whatever – or whoever – avatar you want. From giants to lolis, you can think of someone and just create it. Even if Aion isn’t anymore the looker that it was a few years ago, it still looks the part and isn’t aging too badly. The skilled character design coupled with the amazing customization should be enough to make Aion worth a look – and it is a great game, no matter what.


kritika online 4

Kritika Online is an over the top hack and slash MMORPG with anime visuals and nearly a handful of female characters with very little in the way of protective clothing. The characters look nice but they aren’t exactly the most detailed in the world… and you won’t get to take a good peek at them anyway, since this is an action game that is faster than Devil May Cry. Enjoy those rare close-ups since these will be the only occasions where you get to appreciate the cartoonish beauty of your character.


icarus online 1

The CryEngine3-powered Icarus Online is still a Korean exclusive, currently in beta. Think of it as a supercharged Dragon’s Prophet, where you can tame dragons and many other creatures and then use them as mounts. There’s even a really cool aerial combat system, so the game not only looks good, it plays nicely too. Anyway, with the CryEngine 3 we get to create some impressive characters and the creation system is a great indication of the detail in this game.


soul worker 4

Soul Worker is an upcoming action MMORPG that features a clean anime look and a clear liking for cute girls with short skirts. There is a whole crowd all over the world that doesn’t resist to these visuals and it won’t be the pantyshots that are going to contradict us. It’s sexy in a kawaii way, a cute, mostly harmless way; the women don’t possess exaggerated attributes and it could even be considered good taste, especially if compared to the game that is coming right next in our top…


scarlet blade

Scarlet Blade is one of a kind, in a sense that you really have to possess a particular mindset to enjoy the game, let alone the almost exclusively female cast. This is exaggeration at its finest, a game that wants to be adult and yet seems aimed at the most puerile and youngest of players. It can still be considered a sexy game in a way that you’ll see plenty of virtual skin running and bouncing around, but this is more for those players who are anime fans and looking for the most risky part of their fandom. Scarlet Blade is sexy but in the most frontal, this-is-what-you-get, love-it-or-hate-it kind of way.


project NT

Since it was announced as Project NT, this sandbox MMORPG featured a beautiful leading lady dressed in blue and looking a lot like Alice in Wonderland. While we don’t know if this is a default character or not, we do know one thing for sure – the game looks beautiful and hopefully the user content tools will extend to the character customization. Anime fans will love to use it to create renditions of their favorite characters from TV shows and manga.


Black Desert is not only one of our most anticipated games, it’s also one of the most beautiful and sprawling MMORPGs that we’ve ever seen. The medieval fantasy world looks amazing and while the subject matter was used many times before, it still manages to have a distinct personality. The female characters are compelling in an extremely beautiful and, for once, tasteful manner. The sorceress, tamer and female ranger are all mesmerizing and that remains even when customizing them in a number of ways. This is an elegant, refined and above all, respectful representation of the beauty ideal and it wouldn’t be impossible to find real life counterparts somewhere out there.

That’s it for now, 12 games that in one way or another highlight the beauty of the female characters in free MMO games. Some are respectful and tasteful; others are a blatant over-sexualization aimed at teenagers who like to drool over surreal virtual renditions of women. When all is said and done, most of these games are actually good (or shaping up to be, in the case of upcoming games), perhaps with the odd exception, so we recommend them anyway. Here are our two favorites: Black Desert for a more realistic approach and Blade & Soul for an original artstyle. Let us know which ones you prefer!


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