Top Upcoming Free Loot-Based Action RPG Games Like Diablo 2019-2020

Games Like Diablo

There’s no business like loot business, and for that we need good games. Luckily, a few of those are on the way to whet your appetite. Without further delay, here is our Top Upcoming Free Loot-Based Action RPG Games Like Diablo 2019-2020

Relic Hunters Legend

Relic Hunters Legend co-op shooter

Tons of loot? Check. Top-down perspective? Check. Hordes of crazy ducks and turtles trying to blast you to pieces? Er… check. Relic Hunters Legend is the follow-up to the acclaimed free-to-play indie shooter Relic Hunters Zero.

Gone is the pixel-art style, replaced by an accomplished cartoon aesthetic that looks as cute as it is simple and clean. This is an action RPG where you can play in a party of up to four players, combining each character’s unique skills in order to earn more loot. There are bosses, dungeons with unique mechanics, cool tiny characters with attitude and a time-travelling campaign that is bound to be exciting.

Collect loot, upgrade, repeat and enjoy a truly fun little shooter that is undoubtedly going to be a hit among action RPG fans.

Mad World

Mad World global publisher

If you’re one of the many players that criticized Diablo 3 for its bright and shiny art style, you can rest assured that there is no such thing in Mad World. In fact, you’ll barely find a glimpse of hope in this MMORPG, set in a dark, desperate world where abominations lurk in every corner.

Mad World is one of the few true horror MMORPGs in the making. It comes with some gruesome boss creatures and a few places that are terrifying beyond description – you’ll easily identify them as you play. Mad World uses a familiar 2D perspective and mechanics, being in development for PC, mobile devices and everything where a browser is available. It is cross-platform, so there should be no shortage of players if the game doesn’t disappoint. As far as atmosphere is concerned, this is one creepy game that you should check out.

Torchlight Frontiers

Games Like Diablo - Torchlight Frontiers first gameplay

Torchlight Frontiers is getting better and better as development progresses. The addition of the Railmaster class was a genious move, following on the desire to create unique classes that the Forged already hinted at.

The ability to mix and match pet abilities is another interesting feature. You should be able to combine your cute dog’s looks with the fire-breathing ability of a dragonling, resulting in a unique fire-breathing pup. Be careful when petting that one!

The original leveling system was discussed in detail many times before, but in case you don’t know what’s about, it goes like this. The Torchlight Frontiers world is divided into biomes, each one with its specific identity and independent leveling system. This way, each new region that is added will be accessible to new and veteran players alike, independent of your level in the other frontiers.

Torchlight is one of the hack and slash series that is often mentioned when it comes to games like Diablo, and Torchlight Frontiers clearly is on the right path.

Lost Ark

Games Like Diablo - Lost Ark Assassin class revealed

Lost Ark is probably the most anticipated hack and slash game of the last couple of years. Smilegate’s ambitious creation remains unrivaled, with a huge scope and the budget to go with it.

The successful Korean launch will be followed by further releases in China, Japan and Russia. Months go by and no official announcement appears for North America and Europe, although this isn’t an hyphotesis anymore – Smilegate’s CEO has confirmed that a western release is indeed happening.

Lost Ark features five main classes for now, each one advancing into three others. The Korean version recently saw the addition of the Assassin class, and more classes are planned further down the road. With exciting action combat and a deep world that looks beautiful and diverse, Lost Ark is one of the few MMORPGs that isn’t going to disappoint.

Diablo Immortal

Diablo MMORPG Diablo Immortal

It wouldn’t be a “Games like Diablo” list if we didn’t include Diablo Immortal. The game that was made famous by the “do you guys not have phones?” meme is being developed in a collaboration between NetEase and Blizzard. Apparently, it’s the former that is doing the bulk of the work, as it should be expected for a mobile game that isn’t Diablo 4.

Despite the initial shock, first impressions of Diablo Immortal aren’t as negative as expected. It could turn out to be a nice little hack and slash game that helps you with the wait until a full-fledged Diablo game is released. Or until Lost Ark arrives, whichever happens first. And you can always play it on PC using Android emulators anyway.

Lineage Eternal

Lineage Eternal unreal engine 4

Lineage Eternal is going through a serious revamp, ditching the previously announced multiclass system that sounded a bit iffy. The redesigned MMORPG should sport a traditional class system and even new graphics due to a change of team and direction, but let’s hope that NCsoft isn’t going to throw away everything that was good about it. The randomized dungeons, for example, or the mouse gestures system that was announced nearly a decade ago.

Fingers crossed that Lineage Eternal doesn’t end up canceled due to its unrestrained ambition, such as it happened with Peria Chronicles.

RuneScape Action RPG

RuneScape action RPG

There isn’t much to say about the mysterious RuneScape Action RPG that leaked from a LinkedIn developer’s page. Jagex really needs another hit and it already owns the acclaimed and popular RuneScape universe, so why not take a shot at a Diablo like loot-based game? 2020 is probably too optimistic even for an early alpha, but who knows if we won’t end up being surprised?

As a bonus, here are two premium games like Diablo recommendations that we wanted to leave here. There is no way that you can miss the brilliant Remnant: From the Ashes – it’s not Dark Souls, but it’s close enough and incredibly awesome; if you prefer indie games, Children of Morta is a beautiful and melancholic story-driven action RPG. Don’t miss these, you won’t regret it!

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