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Tower of Fantasy

How are you doing today, guys? I have just discovered an upcoming game that could be the next big thing, especially if you love anime, action, and adventure. Hey, I just came up with a new definition for triple-A there. Anyway, If you love Honkai Impact 3rd and just can’t wait for Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy puts those together and the result is… wow!

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Tower of Fantasy is in development for PC and mobile by Chinese company Hotta Studio. There’s no info on the possibility of cross-platform play, but I’d say that it is likely to happen. What do you guys think of this emerging trend of online games being developed for PC and mobile with integrated cross-play? Besides Genshin Impact, Gran Saga is another example of a tendency that I believe is only going to grow, as mobile devices start to show that they are capable of handling better games. You know, console-quality and the like, we’ve all heard that years ago, but I guess the PR bullshit is over and there’s finally some truth to that. It took its sweet time, I’ve gotta say.

Do you remember that when Genshin Impact was announced it was to some extent mocked as a poor-man’s Breath of the Wild? Unfairly, I might add, especially after trying the closed beta. Well, Tower of Fantasy is bound to get the same treatment but in comparison with miHoYo’s own Genshin Impact. Tower of Fantasy looks amazing, with lush regions and a fair bit of climbing that looks a lot like that game. Surely this can be nothing more than a clone of a clone, right?

Wrong. The best way that we could describe Tower of Fantasy is as the love child of Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact, funnily enough two games from miHoYo. You may also spot a bit of Dragon Raja in there, if you are familiar with the popular mobile MMORPG. Tower of Fantasy clearly leans toward sci-fi, with futuristic weapons, outfits, motion capture to create those smooth animations, and various means of transportation. The world seems prone for exploration and you can do it in style with the help of motorbikes, hoverboards, and jetpacks. Using the hoverboard above water makes for quite a lovely effect. Tower of Fantasy offers a large open world, I’m assuming with instanced dungeons, same as Genshin Impact, but let’s wait for more details on this.

Now that I think of it, Genshin Impact doesn’t have any mounts, which sounds like a wasted opportunity. The teleport waypoints sort of make up for it, and I’m absolutely convinced that they will be added in the future, but seeing mounts in Tower of Fantasy just made me want them even more.

Tower of Fantasy gameplay trailer

The combat showcased in the first trailer emphasizes the thought of Honkai Impact 3rd-inspired action. It’s frantic and while what we see is melee-based, I’m pretty sure that we’ll have our share of characters with long-range weaponry. I especially like the bit where our character climbs the back of a robot and pierces it continuously – hopefully this is going to be a feature that is expanded in bigger boss battles, with a Shadow of the Colossus vibe. We can only hope.

Is Tower of Fantasy an MMO or not? Most likely not, it is probably an online action RPG where you can get a friend or two along for the ride, just like it happens with Genshin Impact. I’m clutching at straws here, because I would love for it to be an MMORPG, but I’m quite convinced that it will take a simpler, more scripted approach to its world. There’s a palpable demand for a huge anime MMORPG, but this isn’t likely to be the one. Perhaps Gran Saga is going to fill that gap?

No matter how much some of you may tremble at the thought of a game developed by a Chinese team, the truth is that China has come a long way and is creating some reputable games. The time of unlicensed asset-spin games is fast becoming a thing of the past, and we are about to see a rise of quality in the next few years. Genshin Impact is going to make some waves, you can bet on it, and hopefully this one will follow suit.

There’s no Tower of Fantasy release date yet or any sort of confirmation of a western release, but we’ll keep following this game closely, and so should you.

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