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V4 first impressions

Welcome to our first look on V4, the new MMORPG from Nexon and NAT Games, the team that has created the Hit and Overhit hero collector action RPGs. So, this is a major change of style and quite an ambitious one, I have to say. We were sponsored to give it a go, something that we were already doing anyway, so here are our thoughts. The game link is in the video description in case you want to start downloading the game, both on PC and mobile. Let's go ahead with our V4 first impressions.

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First and foremost, V4 allegedly stands for Victory For, in case you are wondering about the reasoning behind the title. Designed as a mobile MMORPG and set to deliver console graphics in your phone by means of Unreal Engine 4, a PC version was later revealed, sparing you the usual journey to your favorite Android emulator. The graphics are truly stunning, further proof that mobile devices nowadays are able to run amazing games that won’t look out of place on PC or console. Still, we’re partial to the perks of PC, including the mouse and keyboard combo, and that’s why we decided to make our V4 impressions based on this version. No matter your choice, V4 is cross-platform and cross-save, so you can safely switch between platforms.

V4 is set in a fantasy world ripe for exploration. It’s not trying to give you a new setting, going instead for a familiar Tolkien-style lore that remains a player favorite. First impressions reveal an adventure with all the features that you would expect from such a game – this is a fully-fledged MMORPG with more options than you can shake a fantasy stick at, from pets to mounts, companions, open world, world bosses, PvP, six starting classes covering all the main roles, and a lot more.

One of the things that I really enjoy in V4 and that should become a staple of the genre is the monster codex, or Research, how it is called here. Very few games feature something comparable, and it’s really fun to explore the world and search for creatures to battle, earning rewards and boosts as you become more familiar with your foes. The huge open world has many dangers, and the encyclopedia neatly separates the monsters by regions so that you can keep track of everything.

Another thing that I like is the action camera. You have complete control over the camera, with the option to zoom and rotate, or by selecting a preset angle such as quarter-view or normal. However, the action camera goes nuts on style, as it twists and turns as if inside of a Michael Bay movie. It’s very immersive, but only recommended when you are absolutely confident of your skills.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the guild castle. V4 offers an optional auto-play feature, which can be to your liking or not. The way I see things, the first… let’s say, 30 levels or so are meant to get you used to the many features and menus, as you understand how to dispatch companions, learn about imprinting demon stones, or have fun with your new cat pet. There are many great sights to see and enemies to battle as you level up and open up new possibilities, such as region boss battles where hundreds of players cooperate to take down different types of colossal foes, or the PvP area.

V4 First Impressions

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Our V4 first impressions show us that classes are gender locked, but the customization options that you get are more than enough to make a unique avatar. You start by picking one of six classes: Knight, Warlord, Enchantress, Slayer, Boomblade, and Gunslinger. I can’t say for sure which one is my favorite, but I tend to prefer long-range combat, and so the Gunslinger is one of my current choices. I’m hoping that an Assassin class will eventually find its way into the game, but it ultimately depends on player feedback. We do know that the seventh class is the Maestro, a new Penguin-like race that yields both a gun and a sword. Sounds like a versatile class capable of holding its own on melee and long-range combat.

V4 comes with an in-depth customization system. You can adjust the size of your hero’s mouth, nose, and eyes, among other things, and the overall proportions can also be adjusted. You are free to change arm or leg size, hips, chest, waist, and thighs, just to name a few. Go crazy and you can make a cool-looking character, or perhaps recreate a celebrity if you so wish, the tools are right in front of you.

Combat is fast and flashy, and the differences between classes are palpable. The Boomblade uses a weapon that is an ingenious combination of giant axe and shotgun, making it an all-round deadly class both for melee and ranged attacks. The Warlord spares no one with his huge hammer, and the Knight is the always reliable and balanced class that many players favor. You’ll often channel your inner Demon Hunter form, entering a darker version of a previously idyllic world, and dealing extra damage in the process. It feels rewarding to unlock new skills and discover new ways that your character finds to dispatch its foes.

There are a couple of places where you can PvP in the open world, but you have to unlock them first by progressing in the main story. One of them is Lunatra, a dimensional rift where players from different servers converge and all hell breaks loose. You have to choose your battles wisely, there’s no time to appreciate the beautiful open world, as you and your guild members need to focus on the battles at hand.

So, that ends up our V4 first impressions. V4 is gorgeous, you can play on both mobile and PC without losing progress, and it has tons of features to keep you busy for a long time. The region boss battles are particularly interesting, with countless players teaming up to destroy imposing monsters – these events, alongside PvP is where the heart of the game lies and the auto option won’t help you out – you must resort to your skills. You can download V4 using the link in the video description, level up your character, and then get ready for the real battle. I’ll see you in the battlefield.

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