V4 (Victory For) Halidom Rush Gameplay Impressions

V4 Halidom Rush Gameplay

Don’t you just love peace and quiet? Well, I’m sorry to inform you that you’re getting none of that in Halidom Rush, the inter-server PvP mode that was recently introduced in V4, the new PC and mobile cross-platform MMORPG. Massive battles in the style of the classic Capture the Flag mode await players in a bid to steal other server’s halidoms, while keeping their own safe from harm. This new mode was released in October as part of the update that we have detailed in our previous video, but since it is a major addition to the game, it deserves its own time under the spotlight.

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I’ve read somewhere in an interview with Nexon that Halidom Rush was the most challenging feature to implement in V4. This is understandable, due to the need to make players from different servers fight in a seamless battlefield, something that surely required a significant amount of testing.

But enough about technicalities. Halidom Rush is an additional player versus player mode for V4 that opens at a set time and comes with great rewards, thus grabbing the attention of hundreds of players. You can play it every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at specific hours, make sure that you check your server times so that you don’t miss out – however, there’s a handy message warning you that the conflict is about to start. The rewards for the players on the winning server are tempting, one of them being the Hero's Benediction Buff Effects, which grows along with the number of halidoms owned. This is great to help you level up and progress through the new and even more challenging regions, as it increases earned loot and EXP, accuracy, and additional boss level damage.

To test your skills in Halidom Rush, you must go to the Ruinous Vulcano in Lunatra through the huge portal in the Dimensional Boundary – yeah, you just can’t miss it. Check the time, but if you notice a large gathering in front of it, this is a good sign that things are about to get real. You can either join your server mates to protect the halidom or go to a different server and try to steal their halidom. You can check the status of each of the five halidoms to determine if it’s safe, under siege, or stolen, and subsequently take action.

V4 Halidom Rush Gameplay

When you have the halidom, you must make a run for it along with your teammates – the more, the merrier. Bring the halidom to the flag shown on the map and if you make it, the rewards are yours for the taking. Die or leave the region without dropping the halidom in the expected location, and it will return to where it was originally. The thief that successfully steals the halidom gets an additional reward, but the task isn’t going to be as simple as that – you can’t use mounts to get the hell out of dodge, and fast travel is a complete no-go. You’re going to have to walk it out.

Don’t make the foolish mistake of going in alone and trying to tease the rival forces all by yourself. As you can see, it may be fun for a while, but the result is invariably the same – a dead Slayer, or whatever class you choose to go with. Strength in numbers is a motto that fits like a glove in this mode, but it’s not as linear as that – knowing the right time to strike, to give chase, or retreat to defend is crucial for the success of your team. Place the strongest classes near the halidom to create an impenetrable wall, form hunting parties to search for enemies in the vicinity, and so on. Being a pal and a part of a guild is the best way to enjoy Halidom Rush, as you communicate with fellow warriors and come up with strategies to frustrate the adversary's raids. Or to say that those guys far ahead are acting sus, that’s good as well.

Go for the rewards, stay for the chaos, mayhem, and battle cries – Halidom Rush is a game mode that needs hundreds of simultaneous players to be well executed, and it clearly delivers in that regard. As a way to grow your power, this is surely going to be a mainstay in V4. I’m not counting on successfully stealing any halidom in the near future, but hey, maybe I can help my mates doing so and cash in on the rewards. It’s a win-win situation, so you’re going to see me around sometime – most likely cowardly hiding in the middle of a large group.

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