V4 (Victory For) October Update Overview | New PvP Mode Halidom Rush, Skills…

V4 Update Overview

The latest V4 update is a big one, perhaps the largest content update since Nexon released this MMORPG a few months ago. I’m guessing it rubs shoulders with the Viten Highlands update, which added the fantastic region of the same name, new companions, and more things. Here’s hoping the devs start giving these updates some proper version names so that I don’t get all mixed up. In our V4 update overview video we're going to check what it has in store for us.

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So, before diving into the new content of the early October update, let’s make a short recap. V4, a.k.a. Victory For, is a PC and mobile cross-platform MMORPG developed by Nat Games, makers of the Hit and Overhit games. The Korean team is reportedly working on a new MMO based on the Hit series, but this is just a rumor for now, so take it with a grain of salt. V4 is a full-fledged MMORPG with a vast open world spread across several distinct regions, featuring six fun classes at launch, with more in development as we speak.

Since Nexon is already teasing its upcoming plans for V4 with an official roadmap for 2020, I’ll start with that. The obvious highlight is the next class, which was teased with this figure. I… I can’t make it out, who do you think this ranged class could be? [pause] I’m joking, obviously. It’s the Archer class, which is going to be female, an adequate choice since she must be lean and agile. Not that men can’t be like that, who knows if any other sneaky future class won’t be male exclusive… Other content that is coming soon includes new PvE dungeons, and a realm boss where up five servers will face off to dominate the raid.

The highlight of the V4 update is the new PvP mode called Halidom Rush. I won’t get into much detail about it here, because I’m leaving it for the next V4 video; however, let’s cover the basics. Halidom Rush is an event that can be compared to the classic Capture the Flag mode. It is available every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at a set server time, and you can participate by going to the Ruinous Volcano as soon as the dimensional rift opens. Your goal is either to defend the Halidom in your server or to go to another server and try to steal it, dropping it off at the flag that is visible in the map.

Moving on, the Lunatra map was the subject of a massive revamp. The new map takes a much cleaner approach by compacting three regions into one: the Madding Forest, Cursed Plains and Anguished Forest merge into the single region of Solitary Forest, with the new region boss Solitary Baktar making an appearance. If you’ve already traveled through these locations, you surely know that this is early game stuff, and this decision spares you many trips to surrounding areas, making up for a faster progression system.

V4 October Update Warlord

Since Lunatra’s existing regions weren’t already challenging enough, the world has gotten bigger with the introduction of the new Arrogant Plains area. My Slayer has a mere combat power of 128K, and this region is recommended for players with a rating of 310K, so you can imagine what kind of dangers lie ahead. While this may sound like quite a feat, I’ve witnessed many players happily chatting in-game about their combat power being over 300K, something that makes me feel humbled. Apparently, there is some epic gear waiting for you here, along with the new region boss Arrogant Dinuks. New Vessel and Medal gear were added to help players boost their power through new ways.

The Land of Evenfall is a new warzone specifically created for those who want to raise their combat power. It is accessible starting level 70 and offers three dungeons of different combat power requirements: Deadlock Bog, Bloodbath Sand Wastes, and Seething Crater.

This update brings a ton of balance changes to the classes and regions, including the Phantom Abyss. But one of the most interesting additions is the new class skills and passive skills. Each of the six classes receives several new normal, rare, and epic skills – for example, the Slayer gets the Safe Way Out and Immediate Control skills. As for the new passive skills, the Warlord increases his max HP and accuracy with the Roar of Life passive. Quite a fitting name for such a brutal class.

There are many quality-of-life improvements as well, too many to detail here, so I’m just going to name one of the most interesting. I’m talking about the skill set save and load functions, enabling you to define a few different skill sets which you can switch even in the heat of battle.

V4 is growing at a nice pace and fans of the game will have to do their best to keep up with all the new content and features. Our next video will cover the new PvP mode Halidom Rush in some detail, so you can count on glorious failures and frustrated attempts at being a decent thief soon.

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