World of Kings MMORPG Nightmare Dread Update Impressions

World of Kings MMORPG update

Let's talk about the World of Kings MMORPG, a game that has been around since last year and has been featured in Google Play and App Store quite a few times. The developers were kind enough to sponsor this video so that we can tell you all about this full-fledged fantasy MMORPG for Android and iOS. There’s a download link in the video description if you want to jump right into this tale of adventure, dwarves, and elves. Ring a bell?

The devs are planning to release a new update just in time for Christmas which entails a new trial in the dungeon. So make sure, you guys stick around for the exciting reveal that I am going to bring up later.

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It’s inevitable to draw comparisons between World of Kings and Blizzard’s masterpiece MMO. No matter how many games preceded World of Warcraft, anything with orcs and elves is often likened to this timeless classic. It did become the standard to which every fantasy MMO would be compared, and World of Kings does a fine job of delivering a huge and robust game world with plenty of conflict and gameplay opportunities. And what’s that thing that makes every game just a little bit better? Coupon codes, of course, and we have a World of Kings list in the video description, so check it out if you want to snag a few free items and in-game currency to boost your account.

Before delving into the meat of World of Kings, let me open a short parenthesis here to introduce Archosaur Games, the creators of this title. I did a little background research on them because I like to know who I am going to talk about and what they have to their credit, so I can put things into context. As it turns out, they are the makers of one of my favorite games of late and are working on another MMO that I’ve been eagerly expecting – called Noah’s Heart, it’s an MMORPG for mobile devices, but one of big ambitions. Mixing sci-fi and fantasy, it throws you into a huge seamless open world that has a lot more to it than meets the eye. Personally, I can’t wait for this one and I recommend that you give it a look if you haven’t already.

Speaking of seamless, World of Kings also offers a vast and seamless map comprised of 27 square kilometers with no loading breaks, unless you choose fast travel. The upcoming updates should expand on the size of the map and flesh out the story. But let’s start at the beginning, and in every MMO, that means races and classes.

You have a choice between six races, each one with a stylish or humorous intro, and they start in different regions, which is also a nice way of emphasizing their origins and identity.

Thankfully, there’s no gender-lock in sight. I know that this is one of the aspects that leads to much debate and I fully understand that, since it’s always preferable to choose a male or female character according to your liking, but personally it isn’t a dealbreaker for me. Hey, I know some of you think otherwise, and I’m good with that, so it’s great to at least have the choice. Besides, there is no class restriction of any sorts in World of Kings, so you can choose the race and class that you want to from the available options.

World of Kings MMORPG Classes

Let’s take a look at the races at your disposal. First, we have the Humans, which are… you know, like you and me, except for the bulky armor. Then there’s the Elves, who are basically humans with pointy ears, as anyone who has seen or read any work by Tolkien will surely realize. Things get a bit more barbaric with the Orc race, with a gruff male character and a female alternative that is decidedly more pleasant to the eye than expected. The Dwarf race comes with a familiar beardy male of short stature, but the female dwarf leans a lot more toward what we would expect from a loli character, with her little girl looks. After that, things get grim with the imposing Nightborne race, who like to make quite an entrance. Finally, there’s the Furry race, and what can I say about them? Well, there’s a red panda for the male variant and a kitten for the female character, but don’t let their fluffiness and huggability make you drop your guard.

As for the classes, you can choose without any race restrictions between warrior, fighter, rogue, wizard, mage, dark sage, cleric, paladin, archer, and earthen walker. Each class can awaken into one of three different paths, so if we do the math we get 30 advanced classes in total. Not a bad assortment of classes to begin with.

If after a few hours you come to the conclusion that you’re not entirely happy with your selection, there’s a handy class transfer option that spares you the trouble of beginning the adventure from scratch. It’s free in a sense that it only requires you to spend a few diamonds to make the transfer, and you earn these at a nice rate just by playing the game. This is a nice way of testing different classes and seeing which one fits your playstyle the best.

When you’ve made your choice, the adventure begins. World of Kings isn’t going to break any new ground, and that’s not what it is aiming for. The goal is to deliver a rock-solid alternative to World of Warcraft for mobile devices, and in that it succeeds. The introductory levels may be familiar, but they are sprinkled with a few gameplay elements that add diversity to the speedy leveling up, such as bombarding pirates from above. Furthermore, there is auto-questing and auto-combat, which are mechanics that seem to be inevitable nowadays in any MMORPG.

Why are they inevitable, I hear you ask? In a somewhat controversial outlook, it seems that many gamers are used to it because of their desire to hit endgame as soon as possible. Perhaps it’s engrained into their DNA, with their will to reach max level and experience the content that comes later on along with the best of their peers. I guess it’s a reasonable take, because most of the early game content nowadays is pretty much tutorial material created to showcase the game’s mechanics. Now, I know that not every game is like this, but the vast majority is indeed. World of Kings doesn’t hide the fact that it wants you to experiment what’s coming at max level, so that’s why you have the option to upgrade from level 20 to level 60 for free if you want to get to the juicy parts.

World of Kings MMORPG Nightmare Dread Update

World of Kings has so many ways for you to upgrade the power of your character that you can barely take a breather. While the UI is packed to the brim with options, you can thankfully hide most of these menus, and things are designed in a much cleaner way when you access the important bits and pieces, including the skill upgrade, talent tree, masteries, sigil, and more. I found it a nice touch that the skill tree actually displays the percentage of choices from other players, which you can use as a guide for your own character development. You can even get married in World of Kings, if you meet someone that is willing to go the extra mile to marry you – hey, no one ever said that marriage is easy.

Since World of Kings has been around for a little over a year, it features a wealth of content for you to dig through. Starting with cosmetics, I’ve browsed dozens of costumes and armor for each class, giving your character a different look and a few stat bonuses. Season events are released regularly where you must complete target quests to earn medals and various rewards, and a battle pass rounds up things nicely with a free and a premium track.

Apart from the main storyline, there is so much to do in World of Kings when you have surpassed the starting levels. A quick glance at the daily events should be enough to see where your focus must go, with world events for solo or multiplayer, dungeons, raids, guild activities and more. Supporting between five and 25 players, with different difficulties and huge bosses, dungeons pose quite a test to your teamwork abilities and reward you with the best loot.

Speaking of best loot, it’s time to check the update that I was telling you guys about earlier. Dropping just in time for Christmas, this update brings the new trial called Nightmare Dread, which fittingly opens every Sunday at midnight and closes at 11 PM. Coming in two difficulty modes, Normal and Adventure, it is suited for a party of four or five players who will share the rewards. You can access it by going to Dungeon, Event, Trial, and finally Nightmare Dread.

There are a few intricacies that you need to learn to make the most of the new mode. To unlock the normal difficulty, you must complete Cluster IX [nine] of the Overlord dungeon, while the Adventure mode is accessible after reaching the highest level of Overlord Dungeon – after all, only the most skilled players will succeed in this challenge. To get the biggest rewards you must earn Nightmare Touch by defeating the final dungeon boss in Overlord or Black Hole dungeon. This item enables you to open the Nightmare chest in which you can find the essential materials you need for exchanging the Tainted T4 set parts. Naturally, you only see this chest after defeating the Dragon of Nightmare in Nightmare Dread.

Let me end this segment by detailing the differences between Normal and Adventure modes. As you can see in the video, in the Adventure mode you get to decide the power of the Dragon of Nightmare by activating the Nightmare Crystals of different colors. It’s a high risk/high reward tradeoff where the stronger the dragon becomes, the more loot you earn after you slay it. It’s not for the faint of heart, though.

In some modes, a cross-server matchmaking feature will place you alongside the most suited players, and each dungeon even suggests the type of role that is advised for success, for example one tank, one healer, and three DPS classes. Cooperating with guild friends is crucial, but sometimes it’s by joining a new team that you discover other party connections, right?

On the other hand, PvP is where you test your skills against other players, once again in a myriad of modes. 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, even in battlefields of 15v15 and 20v20, with different objectives such as seizing a mine cart or an artifact, or fighting for point control. Needless to say, this is where the most skilled and powerful players will stand out from the crowd.

Comparing World of Kings to World of Warcraft somewhat makes sense, but ultimately both games carve their own path. The visual inspiration is obvious, like in so many other games starring pointy-eared creatures, but World of Kings slowly becomes its own game as you devour levels and open up new ways of playing. It’s a fully-fledged MMORPG with many features and game modes, gameplay that isn’t groundbreaking but is appealing and competent, and high-level challenges where auto-play just won’t cut it.

As far as mobile MMORPGs go, World of Kings is one of the best choices for those who love the epic fantasy setting and want to play on the go. The graphics look very good, especially in those smaller screens, and the game is nicely optimized, with a great soundtrack to boot. I don’t want to sound repetitive, but this hyped me even more for Noah’s Heart, one of the games that I’m looking forward the most in 2021. But until then, there’s a lot of content to go through in World of Kings.

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