Xross Chronicle Gameplay First Impressions

Xross Chronicle gameplay

Hi guys. Meet Lucy, one of the main characters in the new mobile game Xross Chronicle. Lucy is a breezy and cheerful young girl with a kind heart and a complete disregard for proper armor, videogame logic. She is just one of many characters that join you in a quest filled with Yokai, strange beings from another dimension. You can find the Xross Chronicle download links in the video description, pick your favorite one between Android and iOS and get started.

So, your adventure begins with a small group of characters, but soon you’ll meet new travelers and unlock new companions. Your heroic team of three human members runs across the map, fighting every foe that crosses their path using their weapons and unique skills, but also the spirit power of Yokai, unleashing special moves that are often devastating and cool to watch. You can have three Yokai in your team as well, granting your heroes a share of their attributes when the fusion skill is activated. It’s like the Power Rangers, but without all that awkward mighty morphing nonsense.

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Just in case the Xross Chronicle gameplay rings a bell, that’s because this is a marked evolution of a game that you may have played before. Yokai Saga is that game, or perhaps you’ve played the other rebrand called Phantom Chaser, as we did. But this isn’t a mere name change, as the initial minutes revealed – many features and visual flourishes were added into the game, starting with the lively 2D character artwork. This was added to give the 3D models some added personality during cutscenes, and it works. I don’t mind the extra fan service as well, and I’m certain that many of you won’t either.

One of the most interesting updates is the branching storyline. You’re not limited to watching the cutscenes as the story unfolds by itself; now you have control over the path to take, choosing between two options. For example, you can vote to get someone arrested or set them free. Apart from unlocking different conversations, each choice will give you different rewards, either gold or gems. It certainly beats watching the story unfold without any sort of interaction, and the choice between different rewards plays a vital role as well. The cutscenes are now fully voiced, with Japanese voice overs that perfectly suit the anime graphic, and the UI was also improved.

Xross Chronicle’s main adventure takes you through various chapters as your team beats up the creatures that cross their paths. With an anime style mixed with fantasy elements, you guide your team through different scenarios and waves of enemies. There is auto play in case you want to progress faster during the early levels, but soon you’ll have to resort to manual control, deploying your heroes in the best positions and partnering with the most relevant Yokai. Activating hero skills and fusions at the right time is crucial for your progress, so don’t get too comfortable with that auto option.

Obviously, you have several ways to upgrade your heroes, sometimes more than you can count. Let me take a deep breath and count the ways: Reinforce, breakthrough, cross training, evolve, reinforce fusion rate, reinforce equipment, craft heroes, equipment, beads, materials, and more. This gameplay loop creates an effect like a snake eating its own tail – you do this, you get that, you do this again for better results, and so on.

Soon enough you’re going to find yourself diving headfirst into PvP, as this is another side of the game that deserves a mention. After all, the main adventure may be compelling and fun, but in the end it’s all about showing other players your skills and lineup.

I remember enjoying my time with the previous version and I can see how Xross Chronicle has improved. It looks better, sounds better, and the overall game mechanics changes contribute to an enhanced experience. The devs are promising regular updates featuring new characters and event dungeons, so you shouldn’t lack content for a while. Give the game a go by downloading it using the links in the video description and have fun!

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