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Author Topic: Conqueror’s Blade (Action+RTS) CLOSE BETA SIGN UP  (Read 1154 times)

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Conqueror’s Blade (Action+RTS) CLOSE BETA SIGN UP
« on: September 06, 2017, 03:03:05 AM »
Conqueror’s Blade is an action + real time strategy MMO set in a sandbox world. It is launching a close beta test very soon within days away. We are now recruiting players with similar interests to join us to the battlefield. Yes, you need keys for access.

Gameplay video and interview hosted by NVIDIA GeForce in E3

Game Official Website

To sign up, join TDK Gaming Association Facebook group.

As the close beta test is getting near, we will be posting the latest update and game information like warlords, troops, siege weapon, as well as other related guides in our Discord, so our players know what to expect once they’re rolling.

Although Conqueror’s Blade is a game that is very easy to grasp and most of the fundamental guides were already written and provided in our discord community (yes, the game is in Chinese), we are still planning to have couple of more Chinese to English translators (mostly in game UIs, location to receive quests, etc.), as well as game guide writers so that we can help each other out and give our players a fuller experience when playing the game. We don’t force staffs to write long articles, we need the info to be “on-point” so the players are easy to grasp. Translators and writing staffs will be of course, granted to participate in the close beta test.

If you have any concern, please post your questions in our Facebook group so it is convenient for us and the players to hold all the relevant game FAQs in one place.

About us:
TDK International Gaming Association is found in 2010, is non-profit, formally formed by player expertise from different nations (North America, Asia, Europe) and now began to expand due to players’ great response.

Our dream is to let our community have the opportunity to access different new games. We form a platform of communication to bring players from different backgrounds together. Our members will benefit the latest information and news of our related games. Members can participate in games that are in close beta test based on availability and we provide guidance for our members through the learning experience of new games

We think multicultural diversity is an important contribution to our gaming community. Through gaming, we understand the customs, myths, and history of different nations. It becomes a way of cultural exchange.

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