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Author Topic: [SA-MP][LC/VC]GTA United Roleplay & U2-MP  (Read 3834 times)

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[SA-MP][LC/VC]GTA United Roleplay & U2-MP
« on: January 12, 2016, 04:22:22 PM »

GTA United is simply a modification that consist on having the Liberty City and Vice City map. Which replaces San Andreas for those two, but keeps half of it's elements such as interiors, vehicles, peds and a few of SA-MP objects.
While GTA United also adds vehicles and skins and doesn't touch nor replace any of SA's.

The server runs on a SEPARATE version of SA-MP. It does NOT use SA-MP 0.3.7, it uses U2-MP as it's client.

If you've played SA-MP(San Andreas Multiplayer.)then there's a similarity to this new client here. It actually uses a modified SA-MP to adapt to this one here.

"But SA-MP is a free Massively Multiplayer Online game mod for the PC version of Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas"

GTA United Roleplay brings a whole new experience for players who only wish to RP in a east coast setting or vibe such as Liberty City and Vice City.
With updated mapping included. Our mission from the community is to bring as much creativity and much freedom we can give the player with a few rules and what not.

Vice City is the first city you'd fall in, while you still got an option to head to Liberty City or leave as you wish.

From an interactive tutorial to even minor things such as cooking food and more! GTA United Roleplay's goal is to "bring more CREATIVITY" with a few rules to maintain that creativity and to ensure each player is satisfied.

There's a few open factions avaliable to be taken up! It's best that you contact Soupiest or Slayer101 regarding leadership positions if you wish to take one up. But we have the following factions..

- Vice City Police Department
- Federal Bureau Investigation - Open for leadership!
- Liberty City Police Department - Open for leadership!
- Fire Department of Vice City & Liberty City - Both open for leadership!
- Judicial Branch - Open for leadership!
- Government - Open for leadership!
- Vice City Prison Services - Open for leadership!
- The Hitman Agency - Open for leadership!
- Weazel News - Open for leadership!
- National Guard - Open for leadership!

There's a bunch of opportunities for families, there's currently none official ones at this very moment. Meaning we're all open for anyone wanting a family slot here in GTA United Roleplay! You can apply for an open spot for a family on our forums!

How can I jump on board?

Simple! Click on the "Join Now" button for more information on how to play this server!