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Author Topic: Any one play the F2P ARPG Felspire? here are some tips  (Read 46799 times)

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Any one play the F2P ARPG Felspire? here are some tips
« on: August 24, 2015, 01:03:11 AM »
Felspire is a free-to-Play browser game and it is pretty hot right now. Here are some personal experience

Until lvl.100, players can level up very quick through completing the main quests. After which, one might need to start thinking about how to level up faster in order to achieve class advancement and unlock even more gameplay features. When a player level is above 200, many of main quests require the character to reach a certain level before being able to continue. Donít want to be stuck in one place? This article will give tips regarding how to level up as quickly as possible.

1. Download and play via the mini-client to easily enjoy 10% extra EXP per kill!

2. Daily quest are strongly recommended to be the first thing to do upon launching Felspire. Not only because they give a fair amount of EXP upon completion, but also provide a 1.5X EXP Potion, which lasts for 1 hour.

3. The Kill streak system gives extra experience for killing monsters in succession. For example, when the kill streak is more than 100 an extra 20% EXP will be given. The higher the kill steak, the more extra EXP given. This is very useful for when you are facing a big group of creatures.
4. Teaming up with other players can receive up to 30% additional EXP if the teammates are all on the same map. This benefit is particularity useful for BOSS fights and special dungeons.
5. The Companion, Panda gives 50% extra EXP. Panda can be obtained in the early stage of the game via completing main quests, however it only lasts for a certain period of time. After which players may purchase Panda from the in-game mall..
6. According to the servers world level (average lvl. of top 30 players) players with levels lower than that of the world level but higher than lvl.160 can enjoy a certain percent of extra EXP when killing creatures. Players can also claim free EXP daily via the retrieve panel. Here players can also spend gold to get double EXP which is recommended because a little gold can buy a large amount of EXP. Players can also spend diamonds to get 10 times or 20 times EXP.

7. Praying is another efficient way to get Extra EXP. Players can get large amount of EXP by spending diamonds or B-diamonds. But this doesnít mean players must recharge to use this feature because B-diamonds can easily be gained everyday by completing quests and claiming the AP rewards which contain B-diamonds. Normally playing for about half hour around a player could claim 20 B-diamonds.
8. If you are strong enough to join one of the top 3 guilds then participating in the GvG battles is another way to boost your EXP. Apart from the spoils of the battle, there are several areas that give you 5X, 10X, 15X and even up to 20X EXP per 15 seconds. Areas with more EXP are more dangerous and just bear in mind that EXP potions donít have any effect during GvG battles.

9. Dungeons are definitely a good way to get a great amount of EXP. Demon Abyss and Temple of Death are best places to level before reaching lvl.200. After lvl.200, tickets to t
hese two Dungeons are not easy to get. Players could join a guild and take on the guild Realm Dungeons, here abundant EXP and rare loot awaits.

10. Finally, becoming a VIP is an efficient way to level up quickly. Every VIP enjoys 50% extra EXP. Should a player wish to progress more quickly and obtain exclusive item and gears, then it is a good idea to give VIP a try.
There are many different ways to quickly level in Felspire. But level is not the only thing. To become all-rounded warrior players need to refine gear, upgrade mounts, train pets, smelt relic, obtain cores, and learn skills, increase guilds reputation and more. Anyway, enjoying the journey with your good buddies in Felspire is the most important thing. Good luck warriors! 8)

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