Black Gold Online

THEME: Fantasy, Sci-Fi | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Open Beta

Black Gold Online is the game that Snail Games is developing after the successful martial arts free MMORPG Age of Wushu (Age of Wulin in Europe). Black Gold is set in a steampunk fantasy universe and runs on an upgraded version of the Flexi engine, the same that powered Age of Wushu. This engine shows its versatility by offering different perspectives – the usual third-person view that MMORPGs use, but with the option to switch to first-person for several purposes, such as using sniper-scope. Controlling mechs will also switch to first-person view.

Two very different worlds and very different factions collide and fight for a precious energy source – the so-called black gold – that powers both steam and magic technology. The Isenhorst faction is an adept of the steampunk technology and includes the dwarf, human and vampire races while the Erlandir is more in touch with nature and magic and has the human, kosh and brute races. Players may choose between three classes, according to each faction, while each class includes three specializations.

Combat in Black Gold is of a hybrid kind, making players target enemies with the cursor, but attacks and skills require aiming to work and use of combos and dodging. Combat will also feature 360 degree movement, with the possibility to aim at the skies, ground and sea.

The world in Black Gold is huge, with 300 square kilometers of land to explore and over 3000 dynamic events of varying sizes to take part in. Some of those events may trigger new quests or affect other players. There are over 100 different kinds of vehicles to use as mounts and in battle, including mechs, tanks and dragons. Black Gold offers both PvE and PvP and several systems, such as one that offers the option to create your custom spells.

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