Gates of Andaron (4Story)

THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

4Story is a free fantasy MMORPG also known as Gates of Andaron in North America, where it is published by Gameforge, the same team behind Metin2, Bitefight and OGame.

4Story could perfectly be dismissed as just one more MMORPG among hundreds of similar games, but it still managed to find a position for itself in the extremely competitive free-to-play market. It’s easy to compare the look and feel to World of Warcraft and label it as a MMO game without any new ideas, but those looking for a consistent MMORPG can’t go wrong here. Just don’t expect any surprises, both in terms of game mechanics and visuals. Start by selecting one race among the three available. Humans are mostly balanced and adequate to become priests or archers. The Werebeasts are very powerful warriors, mastering close combat with weapons and martial arts. Finally, fairies are wise and intelligent creatures, perfect to become magic-based characters such as wizards and summoners.

4Story features a large world divided into several regions that are visually unique, and this world has one major advantage – there are no loadings between regions, something that isn’t that common in MMO games and that we wish to see more often. There is a lot to do in the game, from PvP to dungeons, but 4Story lacks personality, offering a familiar gameplay wrapped in familiar clothes. Business as usual, so to speak.

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