Global Agenda: Free Agent

THEME: Sci-Fi | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

When Global Agenda launched as a retail game, critics saw it as a competent multiplayer title. However, as it happens with most of the retail MMOs nowadays, studio Hi-Rez had to quickly drop the subscription and later include a free-to-play model in the game. And so Global Agenda: Free Agent is born.

Using a sci-fi setting that can be compared to that of an Unreal Tournament, only using a third-person view and heavily armored characters, Global Agenda Free Agent is a very polished take on the free MMO game concept. Each player has a jetpack that uses an energy bar that is shared with ammo, making the management of this aspect more subtle than one could initially think.

There are four classes in Global Agenda Free Agent to choose from: Assault, Recon, Medic and Robotics. It’s all very classic and proficient, with the first two classes more oriented for attacking (Assault are the relentless soldiers, while Recon are fast and stealthy units) and the remaining two playing a supportive role. The Robotics units are something of engineers, deploying defensive turrets and force fields, while the Medics are… well, the essential medics that help fellow units and also have a trick or two up their sleeves.

Powered by the Unreal Engine 3, Global Agenda Free Agent offers very interesting maps and extremely detailed characters, but this requires a decent computer to run smoothly. Gameplay offers familiar modes such as PvE and PvP, but includes the interesting AvA (Agency vs. Agency), where large scale battles between factions make things more exciting, with an added tactical element.

Global Agenda Free Agent is a fairly original take on the multiplayer shooter, for those who want to take a break from other free MMO shooters such as APB: Reloaded or CrimeCraft.

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