Hounds: The Last Hope

hounds the last hope

GENRE: Shooter | THEME: Sci-Fi, Horror
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

Hounds: The Last Hope is a visceral Gears of War-like online third-person shooter featuring PVE and PVP modes in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies and other grotesque creatures. Extremely popular in Asia, Hounds is the first global PC game from Netmarble and offers an in-depth story mode to go with the fast-paced multiplayer.

Hounds launches with four classes: Assault, Tech, Specialist and Support. Each class has their own set of weapons and can individually utilize one of eight different armaments. There are plenty of armors and costumes to choose, from the more serious military type to the wacky schoolgirl uniform, the cyber ninja suit or even an inflatable duck.

This is a compelling and interesting shooter with weighty, satisfying action and some nice role playing elements that blend nicely into the mix.

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