THEME: Cartoon | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

IMVU could be seen as a somewhat simplified version of Second Life, or as a glorified chat room. But what a chat room! Boasting numbers close to 100 million registered users, this is a place where it’s easy to find and talk to new people. Players will be able to create a 3D avatar, decorate their houses and explore a virtual world.

After creating the avatar, the player is free to visit several rooms built by players and talk with others through the text chat. The inventory will store all your clothes and furniture, and there’s the option to change the way the character looks, from the clothing to physical traits such as hair, skin color, eyes and so on. Nothing that we haven’t seen a million times before – nearly all free MMO games offer such possibilities – but it’s worth mentioning.

But since IMVU is a social game, interaction between players is the most important aspect of it. Chatting with others is made through a very easy interface, allowing for options such as greeting, hugging, flirting and so on. There are a few gestures to make things livelier, in the way that emoticons do, such as shaking the head, laughing or sticking out your tongue.

IMVU features all the elements from a virtual world/chat room and offers some attractive visuals and avatars, although it’s far from a technologically advanced game. There are a lot of options to complement the talking, and overall it’s a fun experience for those looking to spend some time chatting with friends – old and new.

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