Loong: The Power of the Dragon

THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

Loong: The Power of the Dragon is one of the most expensive free-to-play MMO games ever developed, with an overwhelming cost of over ten million dollars. The game was first published in 2008 under the name World of Kung Fu, and later Gamigo released it for the American players. Although not exactly original in its approach, it’s easy to see that there was some important investment in the game, not only in the great visuals but also on the gaming mechanics. But first, a bit of story. Loong The Power of the Dragon is set in ancient China, and the player has to discover the secrets that the nine cities hold, while he searches for the mythical Dragons – forces of good that used to rule and shape the earth. The one who finds them will achieve unparalleled might.

Entering Loong The Power of the Dragon, we’re greeted with a usual character editor that is nothing out of the ordinary, with just a few clothing options and the option to add some details such as tattoos and scars. There are no classes to choose but weapons instead, and we can change them or specialize in the one we prefer. Then we discover the tight interface and easy controls, and there’s the choice to control the character movement using the keyboard or the mouse, but both choices are functional.

Loong The Power of the Dragon includes familiar options such as pets and mounts, guilds, crafting and an impressive number of quests (over one thousand). Combat is spectacular to watch but doesn’t add anything new mechanics-wise.

Loong The Power of the Dragon is an ambitious free-to-play MMORPG and one to please fans of similar games such as Legend of Martial Arts, King of Kings 3 or Forsaken World. It’s a polished game and a clear step in the right direction for the genre.

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