Perfect World International

PUBLISHER: Perfect World | DEVELOPER: Perfect World | GENRE: MMORPG
THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

Perfect World International is a free MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment, a studio with vast experience in the genre and constantly growing (they are the owners of Cryptic Studios, from Champions Online: Free For All). This is a game that served as one of the best examples of the genre for years and is still highly regarded.

Everything in the game is inspired by Chinese mythology, just like Loong: The Power of the Dragon or Conquer Online, from the storyline to the characters, with a touch of fantasy that results in a beautiful game world. Character models can be really impressive, with a lot of visual flourishes, to go along with the nice and varied environments. It’s not completely far from World of Warcraft but manages to possess its own identity.

Gameplay is extremely solid, with a striking balance between accessible grind and exploration, although things may tend to become repetitive from time to time. Players who are able to get in the game for just the right amount of time will enjoy the most of it without running the risk of monotony settling in. The regular updates ensure that Perfect World International remains interesting and appealing even on the long run.

Perfect World International is a classy MMO game that still has a few flaws, most of them sadly intrinsic to the genre, but manages to impress nonetheless.

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