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Quantum League release date and platforms PUBLISHER: Nimble Giant | DEVELOPER: Nimble Giant
GENRE: Shooter | THEME: Sci-Fi
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final April 2021

Quantum League is a time-bending shooter from Nimble Giant Entertainment, an Argentinian studio. Behind the stylish characters that will surely instill memories of Blizzard's Overwatch lies an FPS with an interesting time-travel twist.

Instead of the traditional linear play where you fight solo or as part of a team, in Quantum League you are going to cooperate with yourself. In 1v1 or 2v2 modes over a set of game modes that include point capture and deathmatch, you're going to fight over three loops. Each three loops represents a cycle where you control your character, using foresight and anticipation to overcome your rival.

In the best tradition of time travel movies, you'll stumble upon some paradoxes. For example, your character may die during one loop, but you get to continue playing with him, something that is called potential action. In the eventuality that you get to kill your killer during the next loop – something that the narrator aptly calls an “unkill,” your previously deceased character will continue his actions as you played before. It's a gameplay loop that takes some getting used to, but shines due to its unusual approach and the mixture with shooting mechanics.

You have six characters to choose from before stepping into one of the nine arenas of this futuristic sport: Violet, Levka, Justin, Jackie, Toure, and Bjarne. Apart from the different appearances and celebrations, there doesn't seem to be any distinguishing qualities between them, so it's just a matter of picking according to your taste.

During the matches, each loop will ask you to pick one of five weapons: SMG, Rifle, Laser Beam, Grenade Launcher, and Shotgun. These weapons clearly provide different tactical approaches, depending on whether you need to get up close and personal, or if you want to pick your rival apart from a safe distance. Diversifying your approach is the best strategy, as the Quantum League gameplay is far from that of an ordinary shooter.

The Quantum League release date is scheduled for 2020 and fans of original shooters should definitely keep an eye out for this game, which is coming to Steam, but also PS4 and Xbox One.

Quantum League gameplay trailer

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