THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

Shaiya is another free MMORPG that deals with the usual duality present in so many free-to-play MMO games – the battle between Light and Darkness, Good and Evil. Faxion Online takes the concept one step further by proposing a battle between Heaven and Hell.

But in Shaiya, the Good side is represented by Human and Elves, while Evil is served by the races Nordein and Vail. The game features all the usual elements seen in MMORPGs, such as a massive number of quests, trading, mounts, PvP and guilds, all in a vast game world.

Each side of the conflict is trying to earn the blessing of the respective goddess (the pair that most players have certainly already seen in some very interesting Shaiya wallpapers). There are two ways to do this: either murder a member of the rival faction or destroy a relic from the enemy. The blessing affects not only the player, but also his entire realm. Blessings include increase in attack power, increase of maximum HP, MP and SP, and other perks. Besides the PvP aspect there’s also a Realm vs. Realm option, with up to a thousand players fighting simultaneously.

Shaiya is a competent free MMO game with a tried and tested approach to the genre. It’s a nice entry that managed to make a name for itself, but won’t surprise players used to the genre.

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